Metz 45 Handle-mount Flashes have been renowned for years for the; Outstanding build quality and consistency.  The value and usability of their products for the commercial shooter; Excellent durability and power.  

And now with some smarts and a little re-engineering the can easily be adapted to newer digitals with improved and increased power and performance the Cobra heads can’t touch.  If you have one laying around, get smart and upgrade the package, don’t pitch it, I have answers.

Introduced at the Photokina 1976, the 45 CT- and CL features mostly one thing photographers who earned a living wanted, needed and used.  Power. With a guide (GN) 148 based on film for 35mm full frame focal length is quite a lot for a battery powered strobe off the shelf but was a great performer on the slow film of the day. (ASA 25-50-100 came to mind).  

Other strobes did not come close without spending a lot more money. They still don’t. Others also did not have the head spread and width of the light.  Metz captured the whole bridal party pretty evenly, not just a hotspot of the Bride and Groom. 

NOTE:  All of my personal inventory of Metz 45’s and Metz 76 units are sold, since I retired from being an active shooter, my students will carry that load under my direction.   I do however have some power accessories for sale, and if you have Metz 45’s it’s your chance to load up on these sale specials. When they are gone, all were mine or show units in new condition.

STEP ONE:  I refurb, rebuild, redesign, re-engineer and manufacture power packs that are affordable to furnish the power these larger units require.  

STEP TWO:  This entails rebuilding modules that transfers the power from the pack to the strobe.  These are converted to the correct voltage requirements of the 45, not just changing the module.

RESULT:   No more AA cells, Complete events and Weddings with confidence and power. We have all bases covered.  The pics shows the custom cables for my pack, the modules, and optional triggers.   
Thus, we took the simplest and most affordable CT-1, for example those doing pro work and with some smarts can be had for very little on the web.  Pawn shops too. AS fast and 1/3 more power than the 600 dollar strobes.

Do send me a list of what you have to work with, pictures help and let me figure it out. I have several options, on varying levels and some spare parts and resources.  I’ll quote you.   Meanwhile download the PDF below for a bigger picture of the conversion. No harm will come to your Metz. 

The only part you need is a dead battery module and I had plenty of those which sold quickly after I rebuilt them.  For more Metz logic, just click here...


I am now building 9.6 volt 4000Mah NiMH Batteries in Black Box configuration  for the METZ 45 group of Flashes.  They weigh only about a pound and a half and turn the Metz into a thoroughbred instead of a plow horse. The conversion involves three parts.  Module Cable and Black Box 9.6 and Charger.