I’m retired, with 450 good weddings under the belt. If it's happened, I've seen it. Now I teach others how to do it, I'm getting to old to run with the yearlings.  I care too much about the how some of the competition is killing those who have vested lives in this game and really do share the passion and do a good job. 

And a year later you never hear from the newbies, or see of them again, but the damage is done. Just cut out the Wedding section of your Yellow pages and save it till next year. In some places a 25% change is normal in an area.

I related it to the whole process of automation. You know when you own a lab that does do both amateur and professional work (we did E6, c41, R4 to 30 inches, B&W and Chroma work, direct slide to print) you get to see trends that passersby's often miss. I saw the good and the bad the PROS and the SCHMOS. 

We started seeing less Pro Work and more from some new names. And the new names were handing out CD-ROMS and the Brides were coming in with them to get prints made. This was after the famous Reggie shot of Kennedy which put photo-jounalism in the Wedding arena. 

Oh boy!  Talk about the onus on our store. If the work was crap we got blamed for not spending two hours correcting a 19 cent print. Poor camera cropping, underexposed, color shifts from fluorescents, the list is too long here to post. And this was in the infancy of digital printing, the SENA tubes were just coming out and Photoshop was up to number four or five. 


One of the worst was so bad, I called it 600 of 600 bad.  About 75% available light, and blurred. The flash shots were worse. Not one formal shot, just plenty of bra shots and boot laces and shoe shots, bad ones at that. 

NOTE:  The next shot I see with the rings displayed on patent leather shoes for the men and her lily white sneakers like some of the taller Brides hide under the dress, I will personally go out and dump a trash can on the photographers head.  Have them bring along a set of white satin pumps, for the shot.

Listen I know the difference between blurred and soft focus, really garbage work and creativity. This was $1500 dollars worth of nothing. The crime, a really beautiful bride and family, they were gorgeous. Mother and daughter were more like sisters. There were some great opportunities there and blown.

They just wouldn't print, and not even close to our color space, horrendous color shifts from fluorescents, other mixed lighting, and chandeliers.  HINT: Never use a bounce or Fong-alizer under a crystal chandelier. Other than that poor, ridiculous composition and out of focus, left little if anything to work with.  So we tried to go B&W to calm the bride down, by killing the shifts and converting the files.

It was the first time I watched a mother and daughter cry so hard, I honestly thought I needed to get the paramedics. Hysterics and chest holding. After that I said "What the hell am I getting into? This is between him and her and I’m getting all the grief. Yes, some of us do care about others and we try to help. Some times we win and sometimes we get crapped on. I knew after that this guy wasn't sending me any more work because I intended to tell him not to. Three strikes and you're out.

It came down to them going after him in court, and I might add this was not a BRIDEZILLA, just a kid whose big day was shattered by a wannabe who took 1500 dollars from them. I was glad when he returned their money and saved his neck.   


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