The increasingly competitive and diminishing photo marketplace requires a little planning. Too often, this planning is nothing more than marking a calendar when the next credit card payment is due on your Kaza-Mono-Flex 3000 body you just couldn’t live without. There a lot more to this planning than making payments on time. Especially now, conditions have changed, you have to restructure. The economy has changed the dynamics of things.

In part one we talk about the Bride, relationships, emotions and pitfalls. Mostly concentrating on what the Wedding is all about. In part two we talk about you and your world to see if you are the one that can handle part one.

Believe it or not, unless you fail from the beginning,  there is a high failure rate as recorded in one of the major wedding organizations.  More and more join each year following their prescribed motif for success. "Their success".  

As you are the one going (and paying) for elaborate conventions, sessions, meetings and listening to speakers, paying dues, paying for seminars, and getting really pumped up. The problem is like pumping up a tire with a slow leak. If you don't, patch the tire the air eventually goes out. Otherwise you fill it again at another station.  The result is every year slightly less than the amount of new joiners will fall out from renewing their dues. It indicates the problems were greater than the enthusiasm. 

Yes, these get-togethers are entertaining and a great chance to meet the celebrities. Thats why folks collect autographs. Admiration for those who do what they wish they could do, so somewhere in this process, there is a link missing that makes then at the top of their game and you are at the point of tying the shoelaces on your mountain climbing boots. 

It's their initiative and drive and the fact they get paid very well for their seminars. They are not their for their health.  So you come home ready to take on the world and you jump into things, get a few rejections and off to plan "B". Your new day job.

I have customers who attend just about every seminar, trade show, club meeting and on-line infomercials. When asked how many weddings do you have booked for the year, I get a blank stare. I said it in the beginning this is a two part business. You have to handle the emotional and technical phase of the game but you also have to be a good business man or businesswoman.  It's not always lollipops and roses, there are those days of stale garlic, night blooming jasmine and petunias.

As a former trainer we are trying to make you more aware of yourself. These are the tips for survival and could be related to almost any business.

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