UPDATE  May 21st, 2010

In my quest to expand relationships and at the pressure of many customers and friends to join their teams of associates and acquaintances, I succumbed to those who suggested my entire world would change after I joined FACEBOOK.

It did, unfortunately I got more junk mail than a normal person can handle in one day. And doing a bit of research I found many like myself with years of detective work in IT, who get nervous about being that open to the public arena that much.  It was a distraction, for nothing, it was not good for business, it opened doors to a lot of dead ends. I was not inclined to spend my days in the Mad Hatters Maze and make them rename it to "Alan in Wonderland" !

I suppose it's OK for my imaginary friends,  but most of my friends and business associates whom I communicate normally and privately with, that is the real ones, I care a great deal about and like talking with them.  Luckily I saw this pattern quickly, and imagine the good I could have done with that time.  When a little investigation explained the trash mail and offers I do not need, that was it.  

I value real friends and customers who pick up a phone, see how you are doing and wish you well. It's so nice to hear a friendly voice.  So today with help from the legal pages posted under "How to escape from Facebook", I happily hit the SUBMIT button for permanent removal. See YAHHHHHHHH.


Well, to say I am not happy would be an understatement. Immediately 40% of worthless chatter vanished. After I upped out, things started to surface. I grabbed a shovel. It's amazing what you uncover when you dig. And I guess the most important thing to remember with these social sites is information you may of given years ago and forgot about suddenly pops up and revised and updated and there are those 78 people you have no clue to.

That was the case with the other two accounts I had thought I had un-suscribed to. You have to do it manually.  The Farce Book updated two old accounts I had forgotten about and thought I had upped out of. I was wrong. 

One account was saturated with individuals with some really weird alternate lifestyles and causes they believed in. Holy mackerel, viva la vida.  Thats fine, we all have different paths, but it's just totally worthless information to me and with Twitter and Facebook you get those who want to spill guts all over the place and for a while we all are nosy, thats human. It gets boring.


Social networking sites--notably Facebook and Twitter--have recently been the target of cyber criminals due to their large user base. In February 2010 alone, market research firm comScore pegs Filipino Internet users visiting social networking sites at 90.3%, spending an average of 332.2 minutes (or roughly five and a half hours) on such sites, the highest in the region.

And where there are users, there are those who take advantage. According to Sophos's 2010 security threat report, at least 57% of social networking users have reported receiving spam via these services, a giant leap of 70.6% from a year ago.

Social networking spam, Phua clarified, include messages, status updates, and wall posts that promote a certain product. Click-jacking--or hiding the original spam URL through a URL shortening service--is also a prevalent method for spam.

Cyber-criminals--who, Phua noted, have become more notorious and financially-driven over the years--are also the main perpetrators of malware over social media. Just recently, Facebook users were bombarded by their friends' compromised accounts with wall posts containing the "sexiest video ever," a malware that installs an adware on the user's browser once viewed.


It made sense as I was getting ads for Canadian Drug Companies offering drugs at low prices in emails coming from people whose name at one time may of come from these accounts which search for your friends. Three gave me a pattern and I did some reverse engineering and tracked back, found the folks and  called them. They had one thing in common... gmail and FACE-BOOK. 

They had no idea what went out.  Now I will dump that account because that one has been gleaned.  And then in part two I started reading and discovering others have been on this path to social enlightenment. 

If you analyze what you do when you go on line with one of these networking sites you discover the following; In reality there is nothing there, it's more like the local chit-chat convention, a plethora of basically useless information except for the bigger companies who have learned how to use the players to their advantage. You could find closer friends at a library or a Bruce Springsteen Concert.

If you can't keep back all that personal information

and you are just boiling to spill it, get a blog. And a fake name.  There is one thing to be Sally and heres my avatar but another to be Sally and here's what my underwear looks like unless Sally makes a living at showing her underwear.

Numbers mean nothing 

You could have twenty thousand contacts, tell them you are broke, and need money.  Thats how you achieve the right Karma. You can then brag at one time you "had twenty thousand contacts and friends". Traffic and numbers mean nothing.  Be careful what you look for and be careful if you find it on the social networks.

Today, May 26th the Congress 

is "interviewing the President of Face Book" for simpler guidance and information disclosures.  Thats like a discussion with "Attila the Hun" on cake bake sales. 

Please do not invite me to join you on
Face-book, Linkedin, Twitter, or any other Social Nutworking group if your intent is to add one more name to your pseudo following. I have reasons for not joining them just for names and/or contacts.  
I will however after consideration on both our behalfs link with clients and those with similar interests. Thats OK. I am currently building my own SECURE data list and blogosphere for daily does of whats good in the photo industry.

First, too much personal chit chat 

is loose on the web and these companies not only sell your info and names to others, you are part of a gleaning process that will eventually cost you.

Those vested in identity theft 

whom I deal with are extremely nervous about certain programs asking really invasive questions like where were you born, and what month and year?  Be smart use other questions if possible.

SPAM and Garbage Mail 

If you are wondering why you are getting more spam and garbage mail, just look at what YOU did to deserve this attention. OK we know you are sharp. So was the guy who turned down the offer to buy the Brooklyn Bridge. He did however buy the mineral rights for under the Brooklyn Bridge and paid cash. 

Too much irrelevant information

about things I really have no interest in. The best was pictures of a eight by ten garden just tilled and ready for planting. Nothing like blank earth, now thats the stuff Pulitzer Prize winning photos are made of. 

Photo Opportunity - I make my own
I have been socially networking for a long time before it became popular and Steve Gibson a friend of 35 plus years found this old film shot that drowned yet survived Hurricane KATRINA. 

An hour in photoshop and a lot of alcohol saved the wet slide. Thats me, thirty years ago socializing my way while attending the Arthur Murray Dance Studios in Hawaii.

Of all those  who asked me to join.\

I have no clue who some of them are or were as you know it seems everyone on the web has four or more names and aliases. 

I know friends and acquaintances from dealings and then suddenly they are someone else who I do not know.  Backtracking, they were screened off another list by someone I knew or dealt with four generations back. They were just adding names. Like a popularity list, or as it would appear the voting process in the USA.

Thank you and it's nothing personal, I work seven days a week now on projects. Time is important.  If you need advice, comment, critique or help, suggestion or other, I am and always have been available, and will continue to do so via the regular e-mail. 

Social Networking is here to stay till the first identity problems arise, they have already arrived, you just don't know about it. Here are things you have to be concerned about. These are additional PRO's and CON's.

PRO:  Social networking is free. FOR NOW. Once you invested the time in a network of irrelevancy and you get asked to join a higher plateau for a small fee, the hook is already in your mouth. Sounded simple enough to set up, and it has tremendous popularity. You could have access to thousands of people who could use your product, pretend to be your friend, and possibly hook up with. Many of you never vetted the tooth fairy.  

CON:  It really depends on what you will use it for. If it is for business, you have to ask yourself a few questions. If it is for relationships, remember once you send it out, you can't take it back. 

As a business "who will be doing this social networking". As an owner you have to be concerned about what is really going on. For example, if you have a paid employee doing the work, It’s not FREE so the ad says. You are paying that person for that time and is it productive. 

How constructive is what they are doing?  Then, is it 100% messaging for business or will you find personal use on your dime. Let's not kid ourselves, your employees will be tempted to do so. In some locations this is tad-amount to opening Pandora’s box.

Another consideration is what you are saying…. And how it is presented. Just like on the forums, everyone gets to scrutinize what you say.  You want feedback but you don’t want to start a negative chain. Think about what a disgruntled employee could do to you in seconds if they wanted to.

Socially, it is estimated the largest Network has over 300 million subscribers.  Social Networking is here. And it’s seated in quite well. Networking has it's share of Nuts Working full time. 

With unemployment at record levels, folks have time and the need for companionship on their minds. Even if most of it is make believe friendship and just a temporary relationship either for business or entertainment, involvement can be good for some. Horrid for others.

The important part of networking is that you want an open honest relationship with those you are communicating with. What you say cannot be retracted. It could have serious consequences.  

The worst examples I could think of led to the suicide deaths of two teenagers in separate incidents whose live's were ruined because of what was published on a social network and cellphones. 

You can learn from your replies and comments. You can analyze, change things and rebuild. You can learn what is good for your company and what is not.  

Social, spiritual, mentally short changed morons are an everyday occurrence on the web. They are out there. When you poll or throw a query out there you are inviting this group of socially and mentally deficient nuts to the party and it's for all the world to see.  

If they dislike you, all you can do is offer them relief.  Your product failed, fix it. You had a bad thought, apologize. This makes you the good guy, and paints you on the winning side. People respect that, well some do, others will still want your reproductive organs for forgiveness. 

Offering them relief, short circuits further attention and can close issues. Getting in a battle of words solves nothing.  It's like trying to put out a bonfire with urination, you won't put it out. it smells, and if the winds are non-directional and squirrel-ly, adds to global warming and dangerous if you are downwind.  

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