Have you looked at your web site recently? That’s the place that was supposed to earn you millions of dollars. Nothing beats the K.I.S.S principle with a little Peters Principles thrown in.  Of course too much and you could wind up Kissing Peter.   Here are twenty-five simple rules that make your site more friendly.


1- Kill the floating banners and pop-ups. There is a reason every browser offers pop-up protection, people hate them and they don't pay you enough for the loss of one client.

2- Page naming should be appropriate to what the page is about. or at least close to what the page is about.

3- Kill the Wedding Music. If I hear another site with Evergreen on it I will puke. People hate getting bombarded with your favorite musical mood swing and kill the long intro and Registration.  That’s becoming the number one and two turn off on the web.  All these specialized site makers make you as different as thin spaghetti and thick spaghetti. Same site, same colors, same intro, and the same music. Err, many times same result, a pass.

4- Check out your links to see if they are still active. Create inbound links with viable sources. Builds trust and a better profile with search engines. And kill the dated info.

5- Make your site bright but not gaudy and avoid super dark backgrounds with “thin” text, it just kills the readability.

6- Use links for speed and avoiding mis-direction and again check those inks for accuracy.

7- Use your logo, when applicable on your home page and in other places where applicable.

8- Show them you are human.  Do an “about page”. Show them the real person on your site.

9- If your site isn't friendly, folks don’t hang around.  Make changes that welcome people and make them feel at home. 

10- Be concise, flub-a–dub elsewhere. Bullshit is like superglue, it sticks and never goes away.

11- No false promises, back up what you have to say and stick with it.

12- Show why you are better without putting down the competition.  Use good phrasing like "a lesser cost wedding photographer" may not be schooled in traditional Roman Catholic Traditions and Customs, or, yes we are quite experienced in Southern Redneck Toasting Customs".   

13- Break selections or options into tables and columns to facilitate easy selection. It has been proven that people who have been shown a simple comparison make quicker decisions.

14- Keep it consistent and simple to navigate. Avoid the complex stuff. people get frustrated.

15- Light up your links and make them important (bold, italics, font change, size change, etc)

16- Use features and benefits, the guy who sold you your car did. And you went for it.

17- Use testimonials, known people have a higher believability. If they are known pictures and if you get permission use a nice portrait of them.

18- Maintain common text in banners and paragraphs on all pages. Just like regularity, consistency is very important.

19- Use headlines with discretion, headlines should summarize the topic. Yes!

20- Make a passionate plea to follow your ideas and give them reasons that make sense. Reasons that make sense to them and you. Definition: What is a one sided definitive expression, one directional with great force and impact somewhat unpredictable and easily noticed by it's traits and characteristics.  Answer:  A TRAF ..... spelled backwards.

21- Keep important info in the top half of the page. If they like what they see, they will continue to read what you have written.

22- Remember dark and patterned pages are distracting and bad for the visually impaired. Smaller web pages load faster if your item does not require extensive verbiage to explain the product. 

23- Dump movement in banners, Javascript, and dump frames, old news, takes up too much resources. 

24- Use fonts sparingly and dump the weird ones, they won’t translate over in most cases to all programs and really can mess up your pages.

25- Make sure if you ask for info, that you state your privacy policy. Legally important.

 © copyright aljacobs Stardate 10-18-2012