Here’s one we’ll discuss. Latin American people celebrate the 15th birthday of a young lady. It’s her coming of age. Similar to Jewish tradition when a young man of 13 enters into the community thorough a ceremony called a Bar Mitzvah. For young Jewish girls it’s called a Bat Mitzvah.

Like Weddings, both societies celebrate from the old days the entry of the young man or lady into the circle of adults in their society with expectations of them performing as adults and leaving childhood behind. And the extreme to which they will go is about as diverse as a Wedding depending on their financial plateau. 

I know of two photographers who have covered twenty-four thousand dollar Quinceañera parties and I have seen and attending Bat Mitzvahs which have exceeded that. And they got into them because they're Wedding business dropped off.  One in particular spent a year learning the Spanish Language on Rosetta Stone and has a Spanish speaking second shooter who helped build a year round business. Not just wedding seasons, last time I checked there is no baby season, like June weddings, kids pop out 24/7/365.

Now think of the opportunities here in photographing a Quinceañera. Let’s explore what it is and how we adapt. To avoid confusion another similar term is "Quinceaños". This refers to the birthday of the celebrant. Break it up into Quince (15) Anos (Years). Quinceañera’s refers to the celebrant.


Gap filler - Adding Quinceañera’s to your Wedding days that are open or on days you normally don’t do Weddings like Friday evenings and Sundays.

No stranger in Church - The services at the Church generally are short and sweet, sometimes without a Mass and less restrictive on flash. Priests generally keep it that way, similar to a Baptismal. Of course we do have exceptions and you know you are in trouble when he starts off with the The Reading of the Gospels of Everybody and Last year’s Unabridged Version of the Phone book.

New Territory - Another critical point is opening new territory. Kids have friends at other schools both public and secular. Kids have cousins and they will be at the party. In some ways there are more opportunities here than at a Wedding and less hassles.

No Time Limits - The young lady has friends and guaranteed they might have a birthday coming up within a two year span for several reasons such as age difference. Girls are more flexible than the guys as to friends age and some of the girls may or may not be Latino. That’s another point, if they don’t have Quince Anos Party then they sure will have a Sweet Sixteen, so that adds a year and more possibilities and or Bar(T) Mitzvahs.

Again there is no season based on the sexual habits of 350,000,000 people in the US.  We have deducted that kids are born year round and there is no season.  No rushes during June and November.

Whereas the Spanish ceremony is rooted in the Church, the Sweet Sixteen is rooted in popularity and usually that can work for you. The popular gal has a lot of friends and followers, and the not so popular gal is trying to break into the scheme of things.

I know I will be doing additional sections on Seniors, Quinceañera's, Bar Mitzvahs, and Confirmations.  Then we will delve into Corporate and Business Photography.  In conclusion, alternate choices using the tools you have, survival in this day and age means simply put: be diverse, think out of the box, look for new territory, expand your horizons and start wearing boxer shorts with patterns and color.

Think about it. All the above topics are about either “coming out” or "going into" a community or for communication with a community in the case of business photography. There is business there for the smart oneAnd it's not surprising when I wrote to be successful in this business you need a split personality.  Not just a shooter but a business person.

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