This is not a section on birth control.  In this circle of life, we, the full time or part time photographer enlists the aid of family. In the most successful cases photography becomes a family-owned business. In unsuccessful efforts, it’s time wasted and money could be spent on better things.

Many of my clients enlist their spouse’s help or their siblings if the business is doing well. This business’s either just developed with success, or through generational continuance, or a merging of smaller tribes, the delegation of responsibility becomes the highest order in planning. 

It doesn’t mean the whole family are shooters, there are simple things kids can do like stuffing envelopes, helping with the setups, and most learn to solve computer problems faster than we do. Spouses can do the bookkeeping, letter writing and so forth. Make them part of the plan. It will always be a tossup as some families are teams and some are dysfunctional in nature and you might be better off yourself.   Dysfunctional families don't make it.

If you wish this to become or sustain a family based image in your work, understanding, implementing simple, efficient and sound strategies for all to participate in and a cooperative environment is essential for the legacy to continue. 

And the key to family participation is based on growth. You get bigger, you need help. You have two choices, keep it in the family or enlist outside help. If your bookings and business are not on the increase, if you don't know look at your calendar,  if its empty, it’s a mote point and look for a day job. 

If they refuse to help, explain the next family vacation or spring break festivities depends on them. You'll be perfectly happy to let them all stay home and go on that safari you promised yourself after watching Marlin Perkins Mutual of Omaha every sunday night forty years ago.

I know more than a few part time shooters, (I hate that "weekend warrior" label), who had fifteen bookings last year and then the economy hit bottom and nothing this year.  It's depressing yet some have innovated, acclimated,restructured and expanded in other agendas.  Some had to settle for less. Why? Blame it on the economy.afraid not. Because I have customers doing better this year.  


Take a good look inside, No planning, and worst "no planting" and you find yourself without a crop. Thus, Strategic Planning means the establishment of goals and includes the pathways and time lines to achieve success. Timelines create focus and focus means sticking to the task. Tasking on times means not wasting resources. It’s your responsibility, as a family business owner, and if this is your day job much of that money goes to feeding those folks you live with.

If this is a job you use to support your “habit” and photography is very habit forming, then it doesn’t matter. You’ll work when you feel the pressure of the bills you get each month.

Growth may be achieved in a number of ways. One of the simplest is by developing new products, or expanding existing territories. The latter initiating travel expansion, or to work with others in other states or territories and feeding each other leads. Start your own circle of referrals. 

OK, here is reality. You might have noticed that Bobs Photo Wedding bookings have slowed down.  OK, blame the economy, nope,  blame the idiots that sent the jobs overseas.  Again that empty calendar is usually the first sign. Maybe there is a similar product using similar skills to Wedding Photography that would either fill in the gaps or perhaps even expand the business.  Think out of the box using your tools.

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