•  Girls getting dressed, doing hair and makeup.  Just barge in so you can really get some good stuff.

  •  Bride alone in mirror, singing “Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest one of all?” 

  •  Mirror cracking.

  •  Mother helping Bride adjusting dress and fighting back the daughter’s tears.

  •  Bride not happy about those two pounds. 

  •  Shoe Shots (PJ) Bow Shots, Bra shots, T-back shots. 

  •  Special Hair Shots when hairspray ignites from Brides cigarette.

  •  Mother adjusting bride’s veil seeing if two layers of Neosporin helps.

  •  Bride pinning boutonniere on father’s lapel realizing he's got bad breath from the booze.

  •  Bride giving hand flowers to bridesmaids.

  •  Collective shot of Bridesmaids, use super wide lens if all of them are size 18-24 or better.

  •  Bride pinning corsage on mother. Happy she is getting out of the same house with that woman.

  •  Limo to the Church, hurry, they only rented it for one hour and that was three hours ago. 


  •  Get bridal party member tripping on dress, falling flat on face (after all it’s PJ)

  •  Shots of limo at wrong door, send limo to right door.

  •  Now get the right shots of limo arriving. 

  •  Get shots of driver wanting check for four hours OT because the girls were late.

  •  Front Steps to the Church with all the folks arriving who didn’t read the note to use the side door.

  •  People Arriving (PJ) Just shoot them all.

  •  Back room with everybody nervous and waiting, some sneaking a few hits.

  •  Good time for some more of those PJ terrific based shots. Like Jockey shorts.

  •  Don't forget Shoe laces of really stupid looking cheap vinyl patent leather rental shoes. 

  •  Last minute adjustments, Head Count, are they all there, get shot of processional order

  •  Check the Grooms room for last minute shots (PJ)

  •  Have a “couple shots with the boys”, you know they smuggled something in.

  •  Relax, they’ll get the groom sober before he goes out there. 


  •  Exterior view of the ceremony site.

  •  First kiss as husband and wife.

  •  Bride and father, bride and mother.

  •  Groom and father, groom and mother.

  •  Bride and groomsmen.

  •  Groom and bridesmaids.

  •  Bride and maid/matron of honor.

  •  Groom and best man hugging.

  •  The Grandparents and other important relatives being ignored as usual.

  •  Bride and groom lighting unity candle and she reminding him how much fun the hot wax thingy was..

  •  Candid of clergy congratulating bride and groom looking for the check.

  •  Ceremony portraits with no flash because it’s a Catholic Church. 

  •  Step Parents - very hot subject.

  •  Step Children, adopted children, missing children.

  •  Any pets at ceremony (becoming popular) and a few embarrassing situations.

  •  Former Step Parents (third time around ?)


  •  Bride tossing bouquet.

  •  Someone catching the bouquet, tripping over the chairs, falling on butt knocking two other women down.

  •  Groom tossing lunch from too much booze.

  •  Groom tossing garter, former girlfriend catching the garter, Bride tossing a right hook.

  •  Newlywed’s first dance, groom steps on Brides dress.

  •  Father’s last dance with daughter, in tears….of joy since she’ll be off his car insurance.

  •  Flower girl dancing with ring bearer, how cute as he grabbed her ass.

  •  Topless dancer from Bachelor party dancing on table.

  •  Guests dancing getting really nasty.

  •  Bride’s father with pockets turned inside out, he was mugged behind building..

  •  Close-ups of hands, rings, fake Rolexes.

  •  Band or DJ’s for the impending lawsuit because they played too much RAP.

  •  DJ trying to cop a little from the cute brides maid during his tenth break and fourth drink.

  •  Guests throwing rice, bubbles, balloons, condoms, firecrackers, grenades (popular in some countries)

  •  Releasing Doves, Butterflies, Bats, Flatulence and really dumb toasts.

  •  Cake Cutting Ceremony.

  •  Bride with cake alone, and Groom with cheap Grooms cake alone.

  •  Cake table, Cutting the cake, Groom smearing cake on Bride.

  •  Bride clobbering Groom….Groom with idiot look on face.

  •  Groom admitting his friends said “she’d, change but didn’t think this soon”.

  •  Best man toasting bride and groom again only he's drunker.

  •  Groom slugging best man for comments about Brides hooters.

  •  Bride and groom silhouetted against stained glass window of Church as rock comes flying through from ex-wife. 


  •  Best man and Groomsmen decorating the car and attaching the rear axle to a fireplug with a chain.

  •  Best man and Groomsmen being told it was the wrong car.

  •  Couple kissing good-bye and getting into car, limo or carriage driving away

  •  Rear axle ripping out of the car as the fireplug goes off and angry Priest wanting to know who did this to his car.

  •  Exterior of wedding location with fireplug sending showers of water in the air, Guests falling all over the lawn, waving goodbye, a few birdies.

  •  Police and fire departments responding. 

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