THE BAR MITZVAH THAT %$#@^&*(&(*_)


Learn as I did one thing in this chapter. You treat them exactly as Weddings, Especially Bar-Mitzvahs, you’ll have a larger percentage of kids around. And you’ll have a little more chaos as they are not as structured sometimes. The other thing you will learn as you read on is something I mentioned before. Find out whose running the gig and who is ultimately responsible

The Bar Mitzvah I Screwed Up....I knew the person I thought was the host, so I never bothered with a contract. No substantial deposit, just $100 for film, she said “she was treating for the film".  It was her sister’s grandson. I was not dealing with the boss, violation of rule one.  (No Contract)

One of the guest sisters attending was on an unsupervised weekend leave from an Institution. She got enamored with the camera and upset every picture she could get into. Funny faces, devil fingers, the birdie. I asked the mother to see if she could calm her a little and I got a speech. Not her job. (Rule two, the designated persona). 

Uncle Samuel brought his Minolta and almost knocked me over. (Rule three No Contract for prime shooter)
Then the rest of the Paparazzi showed up. It ran long, kids got restless and they headed for the banquet. Even the Rabbi was trying to bail. And the real party for the adults was on the second (next) day which I was never told about. (Violation of Rules 2-7, no contract, no outsiders, Paparazzi under my control etc.) 

After the weekend was over, I did the work in our lab, and told her the proofs were ready. I wanted this thing done. Gut feeling. All of a sudden she has nothing to do with this entire affair. OK I reach the fly-in sister. She tells me to forget it as (you guessed it) Uncle Samuel had done such a good job! The two had not coordinated and my services were no longer required. (Rules 2,3,4,5,6) Here I am, ticked off looking at 6-36 exposure rolls of 35. I called my attorney, basically he tells me I got borscht! It usually boils down to what’s in writing. 

Or as he said it, “NO WRITE, NO RIGHT! He felt it was not worth pursuing. He instructs me to send them a registered letter telling them all the negatives and proofs will be destroyed within 48 hours if I am not paid since they voided the verbal agreement. He calls the witch as a last resort, and she tells him where to go. I am not generally a vengeful person, but this one got to me and a week later I cut up the negatives and proofs and mailed them the trash.

But if ever there was Divine Intervention, G-d sends it through synch cords and Uncle Samuel had his Minolta on a shutter speed too high for the flash. You probably did it one time or another, each picture was a half frame and people cut off, not one useful print.  

Blew the synch speed rule! He had pictures, but only one-half of each of them. I get a call a couple weeks later from the real Dad, not the step dad.  Sorry, nothing I could do. He turns out to be a real nice guy. I lost, they lost. It was a treasured moment with their child that went unrecorded that was the bad part, it bothered me. I wrote this off as an experience and that’s why I’m telling you how you must approach this thing as a business and forsake the amateur attitude if you are serious about making this a career. 

Had I been professional and not lost my temper, I would have put a REAL HEALTHY price tag on the pictures. One of those D2X price tags.  But it bothered me. 

I have a heart under all this humor.... I called the father back and told him to get his kid and we were going to a few places like borrow the Temple and the Rabbi and a few friends, I shot some really good stuff on the beach,  Khakis, blue shirts, Sea Oats, sand, at a pitch and putt, Busch Gardens, batting cages, and handed him 72 shots of Dad and Son that hopefully the way the real father would of really wanted it.  The father paid me for the Bar Mitzvah. I joked with him after I saw the generosity and his comment was, "now you know why I am not married to her, and I feel sorry for the jerk she married". 

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