Batteries, And The Tsa

This section is my devotion to public service for educational purposes and it explains about batteries, their uses in our disposable society, safe transportation and is designed to make you aware of their dangers and pitfalls.

The information comes from varying sources, the largest collection from many decades of personal witness, usage and some shocking experiences. Since many travel with my battery packs, the subject of air travel is the most common question I get.   

Being in the battery business, I will integrate some personal experiences with the correct information to add “some color” to what is usually very boring technical writing about a subject no one seems to be enamored with.  Enjoy.

Being a pilot has a lot to do with batteries.  I have written several papers on the subject including my synopsis of the MH 370 mystery missing Boeing 777 and my suspicions, that Lithium had a lot to do with it.

My Battery Packs 
Our Black Box and Tuxedo batteries are Sealed Lead Acid and rated or tested at the 20 AMP draw.  Some new models are Lithium.

Two could start a car and they weigh less than 2.5 pounds.  And the quality of the boxes is industry high rated.  The internal boards and workings, of most battery operated products, the batteries themselves, even the plastic cases are made all over the world. 

China having the largest share in particular but were poor, make that very poor quality.  Mine come from Denmark.  How long we do not know

SLA batteries are strong and most weather and temperature conditions don’t bother them, no problems with lack of usage,  thats why we developed the charger we use.  We eliminated Sulfating. The major applications for lead acid batteries are automotive, related marine, and deep-cycle.   .

Sealed Lead Acid Batteries

Our real SLA battery pack is a compartmented unit like the battery in your car.  Two volts per cell, three cells equals 6.4 volts internal. Most strobe units are six volts so we are not overclocking your strobe and doing it harm.  

Every day about 125 million cars start on SLA Batteries. It’s a proven chemistry.  And you would really be p*ssed if your car battery lasted a year and cost you over $100.00 to be exchanged.  It’s done everyday in the photo industry.  Thats before Hybrid cars, with NiMH, can cost you 3000-4000 dollars with an out of warrantee failure.  

No chance of burning, or leaking as there is nothing flammable in the SLA construction. Sealed Lead Acid batteries are legal for shipment through the USPS and other postal services  and the airlines have no restrictions, thats one reason why we use them.  

Equipment containing non-spilling wet cell batteries (gel cell or absorbent glass mat) can be carried as cargo (Shippers must meet all applicable security requirements). The equipment with the battery installed must be protected from short circuit and securely packaged. The package must be marked “Non-spillable”.

SLA Batteries generally are tamperproof.  Packs should not be tampered with.  It is vitally important to understand there are potential chemical, electrical, and fire risks with the more powerful accelerated packs.  Again our Black Box and Tuxedo batteries can be changed rapidly, charge rapidly and last longer with Higher Capacity - They can  cover the whole wedding or event, have extended capacity and duration. Our packs can last the day.

One of the main advantages of our SLA system is that they do not require additional AA cells in the flash to operate which adds to corrosion and overheating.  Your strobe stays cooler and can operate for longer periods of time without harm to the flash.