▶️   We sourced newer shelved components when adaptable and applicable instead of expensive custom-made parts which requires custom made money to pay for them, your custom made money!    Simple off the shelf ideas and componentry, no mumble jumble technical BS and it is BS to justify costs.   And we realize we have competition, since we created the competition, we are not naive.  We will match our results in image quality, with anyone, anytime , anywhere.

▶️   We concentrated on one model for less money with the quality of the competitions $5000 dollar model when you add cameras even higher at a third of the price.   And we took the best features of whats available on the market and discovered and decided one camera would easily top any high end camera and lens and allow us to market with a simpler lower cost unit with high resolution.  

▶️   What we don’t put in:  Saves you money,  the amount of money you save is because we don’t  include fancy engraving, tagging, expensive logo work, none of which doesn’t add to your bottom line because this is a back room machine and not something we show the customer, we show him or her great images.

▶️   We have no sales teams, distributors, bonuses, commissions, shills, bloviators or win free trips for sales excellence, stuff customers never see but cost money.  We have none of the above.

▶️   We use simple easy to understand  economics, policies and directions, avoiding some really obscure embellishments used by the competition.  We rely on our network of satisfied customers and friends over the years thus you are dealing direct and we have a direct line that reaches one of us  24/7.   Our numbers are real, simple everyday figures, yet impressive.  No extrapolating figures that may not exist in the real world.  Unless you hit a goldmine you will not make millions they way they describe. 

▶️   We have the speed but speed is not as critical as you might think.  Nevertheless in actual testing we exceeded 1000 slides per hour.  Basically it’s governed by the speed of the Carousel, and the buffer of the camera more so than any tweaking of the software.   Our camera and lens was selected because of it’s qualities not for it’s cheaper price and lower resolution.  


▶️    Our machine is a high speed slide 2 (to) digital replicator converter with a minimal low-cost small initial investment in equipment or supplies.  It is actually a complete turn key  (actually a 3/16 Allen wrench set-up)  and operation, about one hour out of the box,  low maintenance, and a very fast learning curve, about two hours and includes software.

▶️   From the beginning,  we designed this for the professional photographer or photo lab owner looking to expand his business, specifically for the guys who make or want/have/need  to make a living out of the photo industry.   No forums, no emails, no clubs to join, no coupons, no distributors, secret decoder rings or handshakes, nor other gimmicks like excuses, we overbuild, you use it clear and simple, our products work, you make money. 

▶️   Simple… Think about it, as a lab owner or photographer, you have retail customers, organizations, other photographers looking for this service, that you offer in-house.  Thus you can have both wholesale and retail accounts.  And doing it yourself means faster turn and delivery, eliminating pick up and delivery from your slide conversion vendor, more control, process work while things are slow, no losses, and it produces more point of sales and enlargement opportunities by eliminating the middle man who is 60% of your profit.  

▶️   You can go from needing a vendor to being the vendor.  Stores and local photographers we spoke with said they wanted to be able to handle things on their own, the benefits being more profit, better security, more reliability on delivery times, and ultimately customer Satisfaction.  We both know costs of local outsourcing are sky-high especially with Nikon 4000, to 9000 series and other scanners which are slow and Nikon does not support them anymore.  

▶️   The only outlay you have are blank discs, or thumb drives if you prefer.  Maybe a DVD duplicator which is  relatively very cheap, a no-brainer money maker with up to four discs being burned at once for the family each member getting a copy and you make about forty dollars on that extra.    We prefer thumb drives as DVD’s take time, thumb drives seconds.  You offer a choice and make money.

▶️   We also know your customers would not be that happy knowing their slides were off to Bangladesh, that might be who your competitor is using.  Wholesalers use off shore providers.

▶️   As an owner of a lab or pro photographer you can easily solicit and earn their print and enlargement business on the spot.  Additional in come can be achieved through sorting, renaming, flipping, flopping, ordering, collating, correcting and deleting. 


▶️   We build on machines that are applicable.  Many are not , there are plenty of Carousels in basements, pawnshops, attics and closets doing nothing and probably only a third are usable and build-able models, not all.  

▶️   Then condition counts, and must pass our strict inspection.   At one point our dumpster looked like the Kodak Burial Grounds, but there already was a burial ground, it was called Rochester.

▶️   We have all the accessories in stock,  KODAK trays in all sizes, bulk loaders, slide fixing kits, alignment guides, lots of slick products coming to help you sell the program.  And about half of what the competition charges.

▶️   You keep going in case of a light failure which would be rare since the light array is totally  user changeable.  Thats in 10,000 hours.  The complete rebuild offers low consistent power consumption, 5000 Kelvin daylight lighting, and a 10,000 hour life expectancy.    

▶️   We didn’t stop there, we combined a new diffusion plate to balance the light output, modifications to the light cage, removal of non-essential heat barriers and a more open air flow resulted in less-weight.  Theirs is not.

▶️   Process wise it was simple, we work in Photoshop almost every day, custom printing and developing, we created the algorithms and handled the reproduction end process.   Not surprisingly we were quite familiar with the software BatchCrop and license it to you as part of the package.  

▶️   The SONY 5100-A6000 is has WI-FI, eliminating the need for extra cables to connect to your computer.   There were at least ten other programs we tried and some were barely OK , some were not.  Our manual will cover the software. the digitizing, the optics and promotional angles and exposure.   We will cover everything from handling slides to handling new customers.

▶️   Speed has never been our concern, the machine will never be faster than the sum of it’s components, namely the camera. Quality imaging is.  We save dollars up front.  When the speed limit is 70 MPH and you only have to go ten miles it really doesn’t matter whether you are in a Volkswagen or a Mercedes, either will get you there and the major difference is in the cost of the rich Corinthian leather seats, fancy wooden instrument panels, and so forth.  Your posterior doesn’t know the difference between Corinthian leather or leather from Gerbil hides.

▶️   Our choice for a camera setup is the latest technology from SONY, and SIGMA with related parts and optics which came out first in our testing against a myriad of other  name brands.  We designed the ancillary componentry (like mounts) and software around these two items and the camera, lenses and other parts are included in the cost of the machine and keeping the cost quite a bit less than the competition.


▶️   Being in the business everyday told us what quality was needed and a point and shoot didn’t cut it.  With AP-C sensors, a SIGMA  Prime lens optical system is provided.  Our base combo, the A5100 throws in the engine of the A6000, which means that it has a 24MP CMOS sensor, Bionz-X processor, on-chip phase detection covering 92% of the frame and NFC.