SHOEBOX SCANNING  (Unmounted Photographs)


Loose Photographs And Documents

The term shoebox scanning came from the customers themselves, a huge amount of photographs not in albums were simply placed in shoeboxes and used for storage and transportation.  If you do wish to keep them after scanning, you would be better off using freezer bags, sealed as shoeboxes draw critters and things that eat cardboard and do the photos for desert.

This service is for loose photographs, slides are handled in the previous section.  No longer will families  need to argue over who has the family photographs. Using a specially designed High-speed Kodak® scanner to provide quality scans of your precious memories.  

Not just one or two photographs, rather your entire shoebox (again the most common packaging we receive)  of up to 1000 prints for one low price.  The scanned images are saved to a high quality CD or DVD as jpeg (.jpg) image files.  

The disk is returned to you in CD-DVD, plain marked envelope or on a Thumb Drive.  Additional drives and CD or DVDs are available at time of purchase.  We retain a copy for up to one year for duplicates.  Critical,legal, court, photos and documents denoted are done by hand and not part of this mass scanning and get a certificate of authenticity.

Your photographs are then protected from the ravages of time, weather, crayons, humidity and poor storage conditions.  Additional copies of the digital files are available for other family members.   Please don’t let your precious photographs fade away everyday the ravages of time are taking their toll. 

NOTE:  We are not Kodak, we don’t judge, and our services are local and your documents and photographs never leave my care, nor shared with others, but Note:  We are not critics of your social endeavors nor do we care about whats on the photos, we are over twenty-one and partied when younger too, other than:

Any photos containing pedophilliac nuances are not acceptable.  Photos, a baby bare butt or diaper baby is acceptable,  but child porn is not.  Sexy photos are Ok if both or more parties are in agreement.  Any photos containing bestiality or other deviate form is not,  and if you wouldn’t show it to your mother, don’t ask us to digitize it.

Shoebox Preparation

COMMON SENSE -  As this is a high speed, low cost service it is important that all photographs be properly prepared for scanning to avoid disappointment.   Preparation is important for the total process to work, but it’s quite simple.  Your preparation efforts  enhance the final product.

  1. First, only loose photos may be scanned,  please remove all photographs from albums and album pages.  It’s a good time to get rid of those folks you hopefully will never see again or just send them to the jail of their choice or the county prosecutor.  We found the garbage can works best.

  2. Make certain there is no hanging tape or sticky substance on the photographs.   Most can be removed with a damp rag or alcohol, being very careful. Test it on a part of the photo that is not important.

  3. Remove all staples, paper clips, welding materials,  grenade trip wires, and booby traps, as these will damage the high-speed scanner.  

  4. Sort the pictures by size and their correct direction.  

  5. Pictures may be from wallet size (2½ X 3½) up to 8 X 12. 

  6. Bundle each size and direction separately.  A 4 X 6 index card or any cardboard is a handy way to separate your bundles.
  7. You may want to sort from the last image to the first image as the scanner feeds from back to front.

  8. Photographs with legal or important data on the back, will need to be sorted separately and marked with a note, or flagged in some way for two sided scanning.  This counts as two pictures.

  9. Again photographs must be unmounted and not in frames, mounts or heavy cardboard which will not go through the scanner. Regrettably Polaroid and Kodak Instant Prints will not scan though the Alaris system.  These images may be added as “Manual Scans” at additional cost on our other scanning devices.
  10. Federal law prohibits the scanning of copyrighted images, UNLESS you have a written copyright release from the copyright holder, which is generally the photographer.



◻️  All photographs are facing up?  

◻️  All photographs are loose? 

◻️  All photographs are unmounted?

◻️  All photographs sorted by size and direction?

◻️  All photographs have no paper clips, staples or sticky substance?

◻️  All photographs that are mounted or thick backed including Polaroid types placed separately

◻️  All photographs are no smaller than 2½ X 3½

Price Schedules

Shoebox Scan, price for scanning up to 1000 photographs                    $99.00 - $129.00

Shoebox Scan, price for scanning over 1000 photographs                     $10.00 per 100 over

Shoebox Scan, price for scanning smaller  amount than 125.                 $  PROPORTIONAL