Slide-2-Digital Model 2000 MANUAL SYSTEM 

  • Modified Kodak Carousel
  • Sony a5100 Camera Body
  • Sigma 60mm E mount lens
  • E mount extension tubes
  • AC power supply for Sony a5100 “Bonus"
  • All required cables and camera mount
  • 1 Carousel®** 80 slide capacity tray
  • Batchcrop Software license***
  • DVD and PDF owners manual
  • Access to marketing materials and assistance via web download
  • Upgrade available later for automation, etc.

Total package price FOB Largo, FL  $2099.00 

A COMPLETE LOW COST HIGH SPEED MANUAL UNIT    (800 - 1000 Slides Per Hour)  Complete with CAMERA LENS SYSTEM and MANUAL CONTROLS.   This machine will be upgradeable to full auto in the future but you might really like it the way it is.   Personally  I use manual for the ability to cull bad slides which pro customers appreciate as you shoot less bad but get paid more for good per slide. 

Slide-2-Digital Model 3000 AUTOMATIC SYSTEM:

Complete manual package as shown above adding Computer Driven Controller (CDC) for hands free operation.

Total package price FOB Largo, FL  $2399.00 

Accessory items to enhance your S2D experience:

Upgrade to Sony a6000 camera body with 16-50mm lens                 300.00
Upgade  2000 Series to 3000 series                                                        350.00
Additional Carousel trays 80 or 140 capacity                                          15.00
Kodak Carousel Stack Loader®**                                                                50.00
International Voltage Power Supply                                                            60.00

SPECIAL ! At time of purchase with 2000 or 3000 order                              

4 - Carousel® trays (80 or 140 your choice)                                                99.00
1 - Carousel Stack Loader®


▶️   By only building one model we have incorporated the advantages of volume with lower cost with higher resolution and no need to blow the money on a PRO or super-duper model that will not give you better results than we get.   Thats some very serious money out the door and usually does not return to your pocket ever.  

▶️   Our one model removes all obstacles and decisions.   We eliminate the diversification which results in different conclusions, poor combinations of cameras and lenses eventually resulting in purchase mistakes. Basically we did the homework and the Camera is included.

▶️   You money goes for product you get,  not the bills from five years of experiments, research, and a whole bunch of engineers to invent lighting, the stands and mounts, the revisions,  and a whole bunch of rhetoric to justify the reinvention of the wheel to justify an outrageous price and profit structure positively. 

▶️   We are in the photography business.  Not just a vendor or outsider.  Both of us have retail, weddings to sports shooting, journalism, large printing and full service, lab experience, years of Carousel sales and repairs , almost 90 years in the industry making a living, to feed our families.  We work, repair, print, shoot, design in and around the photographic industry from the early 60’s. 

▶️   We know there is tough established competition.  Down through the years we had tinkered with older models for our use, some really rustic and and because we have other responsibilities never thought of bringing it out for the public.  It’s like having another job.  

▶️   We provide the total package in our pricing including the camera and specialized optics at a lower price than their lowest output version.  Yet it will match anything a big DSLR can do blow them away.   The superiority and flexibility of the SONY with the right optics combo and features will easily surpass any point and shoot.  Better and Cheaper, nah. Better and more affordable…Yes.

▶️   Our one and only base unit has a recognized 24MP large C- size sensor and under fine and raw which can handle almost all situations for high end quality with 4600 - 5100 captured pixel count.    Our variable floating mount allows that.  For bulk and consumer requirements not needing this high a resolution, the system will easily switch to 12MP or 6MP for economical modes. This selection after testing the major brands and combinations has…  

▶️   Superb in camera Color Correction may help with some color shifted slides.  Our brochure sample tells it all.

▶️   Our no-mount base, made from noise and vibration resistant Marine PVC, absorbs vibration created by the Carousel which does cause un-sharp images.  Free floating just as found on the finest rifles to eliminate vibration.  All of my competition rifles are free floated to eliminate harmonics.  Oh, by the way we swap out the old carousel “feet” to eliminate shifting with no-skid.  Works perfect and cost effective.

▶️   FREE marketing materials to help you make sales by a pro sales trainer and FREE assistance with brochure and banners. with the manmual and the automatic Computer Driven Controller.

▶️   FREE upgrades for 13 months!   Includes manual controls for editing while  scanning allowing the manual mode for critical, culling and enlargement work. Standard  enlargement work.  

▶️   2 year warranty on S2D electronics!   And No complicated alignment procedures due to a complex design! Our benefit of a better lens, better LCD screen, higher resolution and deeper depth of field eliminates the need for complex alignment system. The SONY does the rest. 

We reserve the right to substitute components and specifications in this system in the event newer or better versions of the various items become available.  The market for some accessories since we avoid over-costing custom parts and use common sense instead of wasting money is strictly objective in the customers favor.  We will always build better, frugal but not cheaper.

The actual production model may be slightly different in appearance. But you will always receive the latest. We are not limited to producting a mistake in volume or cleaning out expensive inventory on your dollar like outdated mounts.

All prices are FOB Largo, FL.  For more information or to send your deposit check contact Tom Bailey  at the address below.  Tom is connected to IPI and PRO via his partial ownership of Lake Shore Camera Exchange, Inc. in Palm Harbor, FL.  Lake Shore Camera is not involved in this project.  Al Jacobs owns two companies also not involved in the Lakeshore corporate partnership.  


S2D telephone number which will reach either Tom or Al (or maybe both)
 Google Voice Phone      727-755-1750