😰   We undertook this project because we are experienced, serviced and comfortable working with both high voltage analog and digital componentry in the Carousels for over thirty years.  If you are not familiar with the Carousels internals, few are, few have looked at them in years, and even fewer know how to fix them,  a strong word of caution here is to let us do it.  

😰   These are  extremely complex mechanical, servo-motor driven high voltage combinations in the projector world with thirty variants with, as we have found, similarities outweighed by changes.  Thus we treat each machine independently to stabilize it for our project on an individual basis.  

😰    These machines circa 1979’s to 2004 used very open and unprotected circuitry in its design, for cooling and never expecting anyone to delve into one other than a certified technician.  With parts that are now twenty to almost forty years old, some models are too expense to repair, and parts availability is between nil and ridiculous to even ask.   Many of these units have never been serviced.   Though KODAK spelled out the need for servicing their machines few ever paid attention to their recommendations.  Our vetting process eliminates the approximately 50% of the machines not suitable for use.

😡    This is not a DIY project, we are not offering it as such nor encouraging it as such and we are not responsible for any injuries or damages you might incur or your hospital bills. Thus we do not offer phone or eMail tech advice for  Do It Yourself Builders  because it’s libelous and dangerous for us to do so.  S2D owners will receive undivided attention and support whenever possible.

😡   Our machines are restructured, because of the tremendous heat transfer namely lamps, motors and actuators within which literally cooked many parts which had to be removed and converted to our LED SYSTEM.  

😡  There are many uncovered, very sharp blood letting stamped metal parts that will cut you.  We know. Johnson and Johnson Latex free medium size bandaids work best being latex intolerant.

😡   Possible burns from the motor when it gets hot or possibly you might get shocked.  These are pure AC machines !

😟   Adjustments to the slide transfer module were based on a myriad of springs, pinned actions, and metal bent to the right angle as an adjustment.   Bend one the wrong way even by degrees and it stops.  Over twenty springs of every possible size makes it happen, lose one spring and it stops.  

😳   Don’t get me wrong, this was incredible 80’s-90’s technology but we have to modify a fair amount of the machine to newer technology and today,  for parts it’s basically Peter to Paul.  On some models... Peter is well….petered out.  

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💼    We keep a small stock of units on hand and will advise you of shipping based on reasonable expectations.  We cannot always guarantee shipping times but we will work with you.  

💼    We do not ship outside of the US or Canada at this time awaiting confirmation of our European Market Representative.  Wheras Australia is a go. And we now have SKYPE connectivity.

💼    Since the basic component,  the projector is not new, we do not  guarantee a product free of blemish, but we do back up the functionality of the Carousel for the Warranty period.

💼    S2D warrants their hardware product against defects in materials and workmanship under normal use for a period of ONE (1) YEAR from the date of retail purchase by the original end-user purchaser.

💼    Repairs - We will, at our option, under warranty either:
     Repair the product using either new or refurbished parts.
     Replace the product with a new or refurbished product.
     Any replacement at the option of S2D regardless will be a new or remanufactured product.


▶️   All sales are final and this Limited Warranty applies only to hardware products. This warranty does not apply  to consumable parts, such as batteries nor software.  Parts may change or substituted as this is a fast paced industry, some vendors and companies will change.

▶️   This warranty does not apply to defects or damage caused by misuse, fires, lightning, trees falling, sprinkler system failures, tornadoes, acts of nature, belligerent employees, shorts due to leaking coffee cups or embedded food, neglect, domestic abuse, acts of war, bad electrical wiring, or testing, or home-boy modifications. 

▶️   This warranty does not warrant that the product will be uninterrupted or error-free forever nor responsibility  for damage arising from failure to follow instructions.

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▶️   Or any indirect or consequential loss or damage howsoever caused including the replacement of equipment and property, any costs of recovering, programming, or reproducing any program or data being scanned by you. 

▶️   To obtain warranty service for any product that is subject to the foregoing warranty, you simply contact us by phone or e-mail to obtain a return material authorization and return the defective product together with proof of purchase to the address provided.  We pay freight outgoing not incoming.     727-755-1750 


 ▶️   S2Digital machines are built ONLY using certain used specific models of the Carousels and combined with some new components and a rebuild of the illumination, power and transfer system.  Kodak originally rated them at 1 million plus cycles but the major deficiencies were due to heat, which no longer exists on our model. This means in simple terms our actual  product conversion involves a lot of disassembly, re-machining, general service and re-structuring, much of which is by hand. 

▶️   By eliminating the total Halogen system, related heat and componentry and we now use a commercial available LED of a very good actually exceptional quality, not flashlight bulbs or strings of smaller bulbs.  Glass related to heat and other dust collectors have been removed and modified.

▶️   Maintenance is easy.  Just keep it clean like anything else in photography, dust free, occasionally wipe the backlight’s condenser lens and the macro lens with a lens cloth only or blower brush.  A clean air supply (small compressor or cans)) for dust blowing of the slides is essential.  Vacuums are better.  We issue a  12 months limited warranty.  By the way, all formats and common slide sizes are compatible with our system. 

▶️   We do not encourage fiddling around, this is because the parts being modular, are riveted, king-pinned by a process popular in the sixties and do not come apart easily nor fit onto modern mills and CNC machines.  Oh and dangerous.  Simply put converting the Carousel is hands on and you have to know what you are doing.

▶️   We do address these used projectors in by judging not only the outside as the real usage is based on the inside. Most are 20-30 plus years old and I will tell you plastic deteriorates with age, it degausses and don’t be surprised if the whole shebang goes dead as soon as you start it up.

▶️   We know,  if it doesn’t work or you hear funky ticking noises,  you might find plastic gears in the worst possible location with the consistency of gummy bears, a black or red noxious grease all over the place and a solenoid buried five laters deep not functioning.  Basically unrepairable unless you really like to burn your money. 

▶️   Your old machine may still be good for still showing slides, considering some were from 1971 and the projector might be running but not up to what we have to do to them for conversion.  Turning it on and seeing light means nothing, run about four trays through forward and reverse and see what happens. 


▶️   It’s all based on whats in inventory and available.  S2D can ship same day if we have stock on hand. 

▶️   We ship UPS  Ground domestically and we are happy to use your shipper number if you wish. the entire package with supplies can hit 35 pounds .

▶️   We are constantly looking for those gems that are out there to build on.  Only one Carousel, we are lucky if two Carousels in five meets our standards.


CERTIFIED:  We don’t brag about speed we let the other guy do it.  We took an 80 tray Carousel and the key was no jammers  just like the competition does and it was completed in 4 minutes and 10 seconds, and we tested the unit three times and those are the results.  The variance was .14 seconds.  An eighty slide tray slightly over four minutes set for 24MP.

 A quote from Albert Einstein,  “Insanity is doing the same thing exactly the same way ten times and expecting a different outcome”.  The variance was less than two tenths sec.  It confirmed we are not insane.  We built the machine for quality, first, optically correct reproduction of one genre for another, slides to digital.  The speed came with the fluidity and simplicity of our methodology and re-engineering.  The next step was to see the same 80 slides in Batchcrop processed with 4 actions plus save and export.  That took dead-on 24 minutes flat.

NO BS EXPLANATION:  Running the same slide tray over and over again with perfect slides at a trade show proves nothing about speed because in the real world one jam throws the numbers out and generally if they go through ten times with good slides it means nothing.  

We basically did it because all we hear from the competition who is a brilliant writer of fabrication is how fast.  But the real speed is based in recovery, mis-loaded trays, swollen slides, slides opening or distorted by rubber bands, the slides not positioned correctly tosses the numbers.  

Our machines are fast, but we built them correctly and fast came as part of the bargain.  We wanted a large quality optically correct file.  And we didn’t have to pay consultants. You basically save hundreds, and in one scenario a thousand dollars,  because we know what we are doing.

In our soon to open southern operation in Tampa Florida Jan 2017 we obviously have more than one machine, our plan is for four machines we can have running with eighty trays which take 5 minutes each.  Thus with allowances ten trays per hour per machine. Or 800 slides processed per hour per machine.

Thus in one hour with sorted trays our four machines will process a whopping 3850 slides per hour.    Using removable cards of good quality, properly prepping the slides, and swapping cards we can really rock with good cards and readers from Lexar which are really quick.  While copying and batch cropping, the machines are back scanning but you need to use good equipment, no cheap cards.

In that case we are stripping four desktops at five minutes per tray, ten to twelve trays in an hour equals 800 slides per hour.  And with the price of desktops dropping faster than bikini tops in Miami, I’ll opt for stripped machines with all stops pulled out, no sound cards, standard video, an SSD drive for speed conversion and a 3.0 USB array.  That night the Batchcrop and the machines can run all they want and be finished by dawn.

Scan speed is mostly a product of the cameras internals like buffer size, sensor size, file size  and not any kind of programing.  Just common sense “bigger sensor is critical and much better for digital scanning”.  Most of the information printed by others might be judged as bloviently hyper postulation full of bovine excrement.  

Quality brings customers back, just like the fast food business.   Bad food just like inferior scans, results in no repeats, poor enlargement business.   "Common sense dictates that the customer wants better preservation”.  Their slides may have laid around for forty to fifty years, whether it takes five minutes or six minutes really is a ridiculous mote point if it affects the quality.  In many cases the customer disposes of the slides thus they might not get a second chance.

At 24mp setting the compressed jpeg is 5.856 KB, opened file is 68.7 MB and image size is 6000 X 4000
At 12mp setting the compressed jpeg is 3.552 KB, opened file is 34.4 MB and image size is 4240 X 2832
At 6mp setting the compressed jpeg is 2.240 KB, opened file is 17.2 MB and image size is 3008 X 2000

The SONY  APS-C Sensor is twice the sensor than the sensor in the point and shoots used by others.  In place of a point and shoot camera,  we use a highly acclaimed mirrorless camera which has a full C size sensor.  A world of difference in the end results. 

The fast 60mm 2.8 SIGMA prime on an AP-C sensor combined with extension tubes, not glass gives us 90mm and mates the necessary 1:1 ratio to the projector and without any additive glass in the image path.   SPECIFICALLY :  Thus any comments  denigratting our lens system are invalid dispicable comments made by the uninformed. 

We have one of the fastest Autofocusing cameras on the market  incorporating both phase detection and contrast autofocus, others do not and again that is the product of a superior camera, the SONY 5100 combined with a PRIME lens.  Raw, JPEG, HDR and DRO are incorporated into the camera. Just added value with our system. And we didn’t need consultants, we shoot, process and build every day and that saves hundreds of dollars.

The LCD screen on the SONY is brilliant and exquisite.   It’s standard on ours and allows a fair amount of image when culling at the same time as digitizing 

Our HD LED is rated for 10,000 hours and is user changeable.   It is a one piece three element  newer design and we didn’t need and engineer (with additional costs) to design it.   Closest to Daylight balance, and user changeable with it’s unique internal power supply allowing fast changes when needed if ever.  It is not an array of less expensive LEDS soldered together.  The more parts the more breakdowns, the more engineers to solve problems the more costs.  

How many engineers does it take to build a light system for our machine,  in our case none. No lighting consultants needed here, we work with these things everyday and that saves you hundreds of dollars.

The simple truth - Carousels vibrate and thats why we deliver our unit on a unique mount, so simple it’s ingenious.  Made from a special Marine Environment PVC which isolates the camera from those vibrations and harmonics.  Because of the motors and fans, we deemed it necessary to provide the base mount which they do on their PRO series except ours is a couple thousand dollars less and uses the same free floating technology used on the finest rifles for accuracy.  It’s not loose because of a sticky base material, its a barrier against vibration with rubber and no-slip components.  Save a few thousand and get the same results, it’s a no-brainer unless you like to burn money.

How many base consultants, machine shops and powder coaters does it take to build a base, in our case none. We own labs and stores and have learned how to do fix, invent, improvise and build things ourselves.

We use Allen wrenches not turnkeys.  Entire assembly is with a pair of Allen wrenches (included)  and takes about five minutes.  We didn’t need a machine shop to make a simple base and expensive powder coating and that saves you hundreds ($600 was the option) of dollars.


The guides, processes and manuals for the Software, Assembly, Tips and Tricks, Selling, Building a u, are for registered owners only.  They includes additional topics such as Slide Preparation, Slide tray tricks, Additional  BatchCrop processes, Advertising, phototshop Actions. Business Development and lots more.