If we go back to the beginning of story telling mankind, the first writings were preceded by pictures scraped and drawn on cave walls with bone and charcoal.  These were the first storytellers, of the hunt, of the strange beasts, of victories and life.  Some of these drawings were incredibly accurate.

We may have evolved a millennium in time but we still have stories to tell and those stories have been portrayed for the past century on walls just like the cavemen did only we used slides, a screen and a Kodak projector.  And in some cases an unwilling audience asking the battle cry of the bored asking...  Are we done yet?

Now with the digital era, the older social events like the Kodak Carousel slide show that showcased memories are not as common anymore.  Simply put, they were a lot of work, dragging out the projector, if it still worked, out of the closet, basement, or worse the attic where those stored slides were triggers for spontaneous combustion. 

Your attic in Florida hits without ventilation, 125-130 degrees and another twenty or thirty degrees can lite up the house. It cooks the slides and breaks down the poly material used in all that empty luggage you store up there. Then burning creates a carcinogen.

You possibly have a  collection of these slide somewhere, filled with Ektachrome, Kodachrome, Fuji Chrome and Agfa Chrome slides slowly degaussing and gathering dust.   Somewhere out there are estimated six billion plus slides.  I want your slides and will convert them into digital for use on cellphone to TV’s.

Most likely, and half a million slides later we find them parked with a broken unfixable Kodak Carousel going or already useless as there are no parts and fewer part changer and technicians to  work on them. The solution, turn the sides into digital and we offer this service. And we’ll take your old Carousel to the dump as a courtesy.  With twenty models and variations over forty years, less than twenty percent are eligible for upgrading to digital and thats if they work.

Sorting was a pain you got to see the good the bad and the ugly, heat up the whole room blowing dust laden air all over the place, and when the bulb cracks going crazy trying to find an overpriced bulb.  And the ultimate insult when the solenoid goes, you have a useless piece of machinery.   

I cannot fix them, 50% are prior models with plastic gears and there are no parts, No Kodak, the land in Rochester is probably polluted from the slide process,  no one answers the phones, there are none. The K-process was very dependent on time, temperature, chemical balance and few labs could really do it right, your slide film went to Rochester and was processed direct.  Rumors about ground pollution, and the chemistry is not something you wanted in your backyard might be the reason the plant in Rochester hasn’t been sold, so we hear.   

Only the Lord knows whats in the ground...For fifty plus years the K film was the bar by which slide films were judged but a few of them gained recognition such as Fujichrome and AgfaChrome


Many family, career, events, weddings, births, successes and failures, are important to be passed down to the next generation and when these slides are updated and are on DVD’s, they can be passed down to all siblings, friends and future generations to operate with the newer TV’s Smartphones, Tablets and Computers, and any future digital age equipment.  And with todays computers you can make as many copies and use the files as you wish.

Our machine turns slides into digitized high impact, high resolution images faster than you can sort them.  The memories are fading by the day.  I can save a high percentage till they reach a point of no return with little or no image or the color has faded, or a bad slide to begin with.

I have been in the photographic industry most of my life, as a lab-retail store owner, and a shooter.  I worked since I’m seventeen in  Journalism, War, Weddings, Commercial, and Sports, I ran a photography school. With the death of Kodak (and half the industry followed)  I felt we needed a better way to convert slides.  I had a working knowledge being a lab owner as to what needed.  I was also a Kodachrome fan.

I just updated my thinking, I am after all an inventor, looked at what the market had to offer,  which was cheap junk and overpriced promoted as commercial conversion gear.  I had a working prototype in three days, a model with the quality of a machine that could cost double from the competition and better resolution and performance than an overpriced , over costed, over bullshitted cost justification commercial model.  

•  The clarity and definition of these supersize prints, was to demonstrate our building simple in many cases is better if you put into your product quality components,  more modern engineering, simplify the construction to keep costs down, and combining more modern optical and scientific advances you have a better slide trap.  


•  Like many of us we ended up with an overabundance of these memories on slides as slides were the optimal color film and presentation method before digital.   Over time, the pile got larger and larger, the older methodology of trays and sorting for the Kodak Carousel became more and more of a job.  And dragging the Kodak out became a hassle.

•  Frankly, it’s a pain in the butt, boring, and no one really wants to help, and many just dumped those memories on the next of kin who really didn’t know many of the people in the pictures and can care less.   The legion of disaster, Father Time, Mother Nature and Sir Murphy-Laws control the scenario.  The slides are deteriorating and will soon be useless and not displayable.

The machines die from old age as the plastic used in critical parts degausses and turns to mush.  The parts are not available anywhere.   

•  Words like commercial model, school usage are not desirable.  Those school devices were used day and night.  And many we get are just too worn to save or so neglected, a failure is eminent.   The  longer the 300-400 watt halogens ran,  they were also cooking the slides,  increasing the fading and deterioration.   Time to save the slides and the memories and dump the useless stuff, they will not get better.  

•   Call us first and see if the old machine you have might make a trade in on your slides being converted.  In some cases we can save the slides. Thats the important part.  Sometimes we might have a part to salvage your unit and we’ll give you a price break.