•  The BLACK BOX is 100% all US hand built, hand soldered and sealed.

•  We only use RoHS Certified appliance grade fire proof wiring.  

•  We use better parts from the USA, Denmark, Taiwan, and Japan for findings and components when we can after we tested Chinese equivalents and decided they were inferior in quality and consistency.  

•  The Black Box  uses a Sealed Lead Acid battery designed for long term usage. Our 4.5 AMP HOUR battery is not rated in milliamps, thats full amps like your car battery and it is safe - Airline Certified Safe at a 20 Amp drawer.

•  Our batteries are pro-rated to five years.  The batteries are covered under the warrantee for one year and pro-rated for five years.  We have a unique thinking charger as the simple instructions dictate and the internal wiring and connectors are fireproof.  The box is custom cut on a CnC machine for a perfect fit.

Weight: - 2.5 LBS,  Width: - 3.3/4”,  Height: - 6”,  Depth: - 2”  

Twin HD DIN type Chromed ports from Taiwan with Red POLY Caps as shown for the DIN plugs for when traveling on the airlines. (Included)  Heavy duty strap rings of 3/16 Zytel / Steel 1/8 ( 3000 PS) rivets with backing plates front and rear and the industry recognized finest HD UltraClip or the 764 by THE CLIP.COM Brand.  

Our International dual stage charger allows consistent charging and second stage in standby mode keeps battery at 100% capacity.  Internationally rated for worldwide usage.  110-240 50-60 MGRTZ. And as an added bonus you can use most “ “ Quantum cables for your strobes you might have and we offer free conversion at time of purchase.  

This is important because you want to be at the top of your game and we can take that five year old Black Box and make it into a 2017 and at an average cost of about 65 dollars.   For me this means upgrades and repairs to get people back on track. 

A Black Box never wears out, it is always upgradeable.  Upgrades and retrofit work is available on all older Black boxes regardless of the year.  Got one eight to ten years older or more we’ll upgrade it, return in a week, upgraded to latest configurations as long as you didn’t split the case by driving over it as some have, or destroyed it during sports events.  We’ll upgrade it if possible to a 2017 and the cost as long as you didn’t crush it is  ONLY 65.00 plus return shipping.  If the case is bad, broken, driven over or been in a pool a few dollars extra.

  • We’ll take it completely apart, even change the rivets sometimes, and rebuild it with the 2017 schematic. 
  • New RoHS appliance grade burn proof wiring added on older models. Old wiring removed never used.
  • Upgrade the ports from single to dual. rids the RCA jack if you still have one.
  • Replace any worn internal parts.
  • Stress test the battery and charger and 9 times out of 10 replace battery as needed.
  • Reseat the clips and riveted hangers if needed.
  • Clean and polish the case within reason, fix a few dents, dings, cracks, and basically try to make it as good as new. 
  • Usually a one day turnaround, complete upgrades average about 65.00 as a worst case scenario, includes a new battery.  
  • Inspections and checkups are free, I only charge for shipping.  No fees for diagnostics (Quantum does charge)  No minimum fees, except the Post Office, and most repairs are back to you within a week.