I want you to be happy with my product. And I want you to share that happiness with others. Years ago I adapted the policy of no advertising, spend it on the customers who might need it and let the good word abound, and it will be fruitful.  It works, not exactly Wal-Mart statistics, and some days I think being fruitful meant better tomatoes at the supermarket…but I am here to help you.  

Don’t be shy, call me if you have a problem. Ninety nine out of one hundred calls I can fix or diagnose over the phone.  My product (s) have a limited warranty. It covers the product for period of one year from date of purchase. During that time if you have a problem caused by a part failure, we will replace, repair all parts and labor, including chargers, plugs batteries and our cables.  Period. No questions asked.

The biggest problem I have seen, though rare is the human element known as, "I know more than the instructions".  People do not read the instructions warranties or suggestion pages.   I purposely condensed them to a few pages so that we would not have to publish Kindle size books which definitely would not be read and I apologize, they are all in English and I do ship overseas.


NOTE:  We do not issue refunds, we have built the unit(s) expressly for you, on your order, a custom package and in some cases ordered parts from other vendors.  If I was as big as B&H perhaps I would but the we would have to double our prices. On a special occasion, we’ve taken back units on consignments  (rare, twice in thirty years) and resold them for the customer whose needs have changed, we take a commission from after sales as we assume the responsibility only for units not showing wear and we sell them at discount.  These are custom made, not off the shelf specifically for those ordering them. 

Refunds then are based on the products being in the same condition you received it, not missing parts, not damaged subject to our inspection and we will then sell it and forward you the proceeds. Outside order parts will only be refunded based on what I can sell the part for.  This is the only policy as these products are custom made for each order.

Father Time, Mother Nature, and her lover Sir Murphy-Lawes sometimes create simple lightning strikes, tornadoes or a flood, surges and brownouts. You cannot predict wear and tear on electrical digital products and batteries because the power sources, your electrical supply really have variable standards and are so different regionally and even things vary door to door.  The weather this winter and summer have been brutal and spikes are killers.

Obviously with a charger plugged in all the time there is the chance a charger got killed by a spike as during a storm or during a brownout or the eight million lights on your house during Christmas fried the whole block.  Also areas with brownouts and fringe grids wear out the chargers quicker. 

Not all of the electrical stuff blows because of God. Man does a fair job of blowing stuff up all by                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      himself.  Electrical is covered for a year against defects, it is not covered by winding up in the dishwasher, swimming pool, spa or the Atlantic Ocean.   

One did, but worked till the salt got it all.  We use pretty robust heavy-duty units but nothing is infallible. We do carry replacement chargers in stock. also available from Mouser.  Do not modify, change, alter anything without consulting me first.  

Remember one of the things we work on is simplicity and field repairability. Checkups are free, no charge except for return postage which is 14.00, that 13.80 for the government and .20 cents for gas to the post office.

I will gladly look at you unit for which there is no charge except return postage and parts. Now lets say you really screwed it up.  We will inspect it and will call and advise you of what we found.


√  If your pack comes in for the free checkup, and is three years and older, subjected to extreme conditions and getting batted around or mistreated, I will suggest a free checkup and a possible battery replacement because of the cost of postage on another occasion is more than the battery, might as well do it while it’s here.  

√   Older than that and we go into upgrade mode.  A bad wire, weak, solder joint, anything correctable that is an anomaly, we take care of and we do not charge you. Even the best of solder joints ages and I can easily redo them.  Thats my respect for my  customers and how I do business. 

√   Dealing with China is another story, I can’t correct their errors as they are bound to turn up because of their attitude as a throw away nation.  Most US businesses consider Chinese goods a s 10-15%  failure rate. If I order 100 ports and they are from Taiwan, I’m OK, from the mainland I order 115 because they are cheaper and some will fall. I pay more from Taiwan but the last a lifetime.    

√   Any neglect or abuse is on your dime. That means dropped boxes, usually indicated by the dent on the bottom, or the edge can be fixed as I can weld plastics.

√    Sometimes the battery will get loose.  A loose battery tells me the battery dis-lodged usually by dropping, but sometimes temperature extremes can loosen the tac that holds it in place.  It is easily home repairable, we’ll talk you through it, and it does not stop its use in the field.  We fix it for free, It is designed to continued functioning even when it is loose which is why we used heavier impact stranded fire-resistant RoHS Appliance grade wire.  Solid or hard wire might break thus we use the stranded and it can take a heck of a lot of punishment.  

√   If you wish to fix it your self remove the four face screws carefully open the box and gently pull on the battery, get a hair dryer on hot and redo the glue on the shell and battery to “Wet” with heat. Press the battery back into place equally so the screw holes are even on all sides. We made things field repairable and thus insuring you get the job done. But if you overheat and melt the plastic, now we have a problem.

√   I couldn’t make this up.  You dropped it off the barstool;  Three customers, chilling out in a male dance emporium (topless bar) made me aware there is quite a cult following chasing these elusive dance enthusiasts who whirl and twirl on brass poles, just like you showed the kids at the firehouse. 
Great work, some things really stood out.  But the box knocked off the high bar table to the floor did survive though it was cracked and worked for the rest of the evening.  Black electrical tape kept it together.  It’s designed to do just that, shots that bring home the boobs, the bacon… and the Wedding cake.  The fellow I repaired it for got it back in two days and he posted the good service on the web and a shot or two on one of the forums.  I got ten orders.

√  You made a toaster out of it;  Two of our customers thinking their 12 volt car charger would be faster to recharge the black box did not know the laws of charging which states on an SLA battery you cannot exceed 1.25 per volt.  Most likely or stupidly, they did not set the charger to 6 volts which was still too much passed on the amperage.

√  Since one idiotic company recommends that you can use two chargers, but in parallel not series.  Why do I call the other company idiots?  Because an idiot will think you can do this with all batteries.  Something the monkeys developed, called monkey see, monkey do, which becomes monkey doo-doo. 
After all, 12-14 volts is twice the power of six volts.  Simple math, bad thinking, really bad thinking and I might add “stinking thinking”.  People have asked me why do I use an appliance grade RoHS certified nonflammable wire as part of my construction.   Monkeys, “I tell them, blame it on monkeys”.

√  We do not cover the box being driven over.  Do not use as a wheel stop during a flat tire encounter.  Almost as common as falling barstools, and has occurred three times.  We recommend you use a rock to stop the SUV from rolling, not your camera bag. 

This happens when you are being helped loading the gear at the trunk or tailgate of the car and you forget to put it inside.   The wife put the bag behind the passenger side rear tire, he had to move the car to get her car from the garage. He backed up.
Two out of three of those boxes survived.  The last one mated with two Canon 580's, about a 1200.00 dollar mistake. The box we salvaged, we used parts from the Canons for other repairs and they were replaced with Yong-Nuo’s.

On a sad note on the news 07-02-2016, the third child that  I have read about, (and a friend who tragically lives with this the rest of his life)  was run over by their parent backing up the car.  There is no excuse for this is sheer stupidity and tragic.  There are no answers, this should never happen.  It’s always because someone is in a hurry, and not playing attention, communication, distraction, and stress.

√   Loose cables can occur at any time and nine times out of ten it's when you about to take "The Shot Of The Year".  Thats another reason why we eliminated the RCA jack they pulled out, locked on too tight and could not be removed, or a fan of the blades fell off and shorted the cable.  In our product we use locking DIN plugs, they are externally protected, all grounding is internal, where it should be. 

√   I get a packs back sometimes with erratic behavior.  I have removed Coca Cola, sand and salt water from the insides and some liquids I have no idea of their chemistry, wanting to call the hazmat guys. 

√  High power and fast pops without cooling the flash is common to sport shooters, paparazzi, and nervous wedding shooters, I call it shellac syndrome and in reality most manufacturers strobes are not made for abnormal usage. 

√  Quantum and other board makers sometimes spray the internal parts of their boards and products to weatherproof and seal the metal stripes. The capacitor is getting so hot, it will cause a melter. Some are covered with paper as an insulator and then wrapped in shellac and thats the smell of old capacitors.

√  Ever try to solder with a dirty solder iron tip. It doesn't work, does it , thats why you clean the tips.  Several ways to clean the module it but this is what I use.  Only ISOPROPYL ALCOHOL, not rubbing alcohol.  A grade or percentage of 93 or better.  Also a soft eraser done away from your gear and lenses, with a shop vacuum cleaner running while you do it to prevent any abrasive from going internal especially on camera contacts.  

√  As my customer, If you send it in with the box for service, there is no charge fro re-polishing the ends and checkout. We have not charged for service in the last fifty years.  Only parts for upgrades.  We’ll check the solder joints, the cable for continuity or corrosion and test it. No charge for this service when the box come for it’s checkup.

√    On this site there are sections on specific cables with specific instructions under flash units and cables. Another possibility occurring with the cables is stretching. Many claim they don't stretch the cables.  This shot taken at a local Lambada Dance contest got the photographer who was so into the music he just grabbed this incredibly gorgeous young lady and almost won first prize taking his own portrait at the same time. 

Under careful scrutiny I did notice he is still using the older RCA jack which we have upgraded free for years during the time of sale of the Black Box.  Shame!  By simply sending the to me for the upgrade, we will upgrade the cable to DIN, clean the terminals and ports and send it back to you. Just pay postage.  Check the cable screws. Locktite Blue or Clear nail Polish.

The last thing about cables is old age.  Sometimes we get and rebuild an older Quantum Cable no longer being used.  We can do that for the Vivitar or make you a great extension for a two cable rig. 

Only if I deem the cable is OK, will I update it.  Cables can corrode internally and the copper has turned green or the rubber has disintegrated and literally falls off.   Unseen breaks and we run continuity checks. Anything other than 100% perfect and we dump them. 

On new orders payment must be made before we ship or start any work.  We try to get it done and ship fast, then a box sits around for three or four days waiting for the customer to call and, this louses us up. We are very liberal on taking care of you.  So work with me.   

The cables from flash to battery box are not free.  We don’t care whether you prefer you to order them and drop ship to me, they come with an invoice with your name on it and we know it's yours.   We’ll order them for you if you wish.  Cables may be ordered from B&H, Adorama, or any camera store you prefer. I have however found these two to be the most professional, competitive, timely, and usually have it in stock.  

Extra cables for upgrades, other than the first or second at time of purchase which are free,  are $6.00 for the DIN PLUG  and $6.40 Postage Total of 12.85  Thats cost, just a courtesy for you to get more use out of your purchase.  Again you are allowed two free with each Black Box.

For cable repairs and upgrades use The Priority Mail Small Flat Rate Box which  is about the same size and shape as three stacked DVD cases, perfect for jewelry, electronics, event tickets, or other small items that need expedited shipping. 

And like all USPS flat rate boxes and envelopes, the new box is available free of charge and also can be used for international shipping.  This box goes to my door, the bubble wrap ones get stuffed in the smaller mailbox.  You are at the post office anyway, grab a few empties in assorted sizes, you can’t beat the deal. $6.80 or  UPS, no insurance, no signature. You may also use the bubble wrap envelope with the usual information if you prefer UPS or FEDEX or FIRST CLASS and want your cable crushed.

We take upgrades seriously.  If you have an older BLACK BOX or on of the TUXEDO’s  vintage 2008-9 or older, call me if you do not know.  Most BLACK BOX and Tuxedos may be upgraded for a small fee to the new 2016 higher performance model.  Everything in this world needs an uplift sooner or later.  The ideal time for upgrades is when it is in for service because it is inexpensive, you already shipped it, paid postage and reduces shipping costs.  And not just a bluff and shine, or tweak shown above. Basically the unit gets torn apart to zero, and rebuilt to give you further years of service. 

UPGRADED TO 2016 Standards - SPECIAL $65.00 plus return postage. (11.85 USPS)            

1- Total Disassembly of entire unit.
2- Remove old decals and clean case as best.  Cases may be sanded, polished or cosmetically enhanced.
3- Fittings - D rings replaced as needed. New rivets.
4- Back Tab reinstalled and rivets drilled out, removed and reset. As needed.
5- 2nd DIN added and RCA removed, two matching Dins Installed in 2016 configuration.
6- All new RoHS high capacity fireproof wiring installed. (Airline proof)
7- RED CAP the DINS for the airlines.
8- Charger is checked and cable upgraded if needed with connectors and DIN plug.
9- All new wiring, hand soldered, all insulated, no connectors to wear or age. Meets Euro standards.
10- Flash cables checked, fixed free, upgraded, cleaned of heat and corrosion, retested and field checked.
11- New battery installed and tested.

ALJACOBS.COM  Limited Warranty  BLACK BOX 

ALJACOBS.COM warranty obligations for its products, namely the Black Box and the Tuxedo Battery Packs are limited to the terms set forth as follows.  We warrant its standard products (the “Black Box and tuxedo Battery Packs”), against defects in materials and workmanship for a period defined as one (1) year from the date of original purchase plus shipping time to the customer.

  • Unless otherwise specified, the Warranty Period applicable to these products protects the consumer against possible premature loss of power from defective batteries, a failed charger, but normal wear is acceptable based on industry standards, parts and labor are provided under this Limited Warranty against defects in materials and workmanship within one year of ownership. 
  • If a defect is discovered and a valid claim received by Al Jacobs within the Warranty Period, at its option, Al Jacobs will:
  • Repair the Warranted Product using new or refurbished replacement parts, at no cost other than shipping.
  • Exchange the Warranted Product with one that is new or that has been manufactured from new or serviceable used parts and is at least functionally equivalent to the Warranted Product, or 
  • Refund the purchase price of the Warranted Product under certain conditions (under thirty days) such as a restocking fee of 20% and resell the product with deductions for missing components, and repairable damages of the product.
  • This Limited Warranty applies only to the aforementioned products. This Limited Warranty does not apply to any other products, whether or not packaged or sold with the Warranted Products which come from other vendors such as cables or attachments of varied nature.
  • This Limited Warranty can be redeemed only by the original purchaser.  This warrantee can be transferred to a second owner if you wish but ALJACOBS.com has to be notified in writing. 
  • It does not cover the following:  Normal wear, tear or deterioration  by the user, improper installation or incorrect usage by the user, Damage caused by accident, abuse, misuse, misapplication, or failure to follow usage directions;  Warranted Products that have been combined or used with non-ALJACOBs.com products; Damage caused by service performed by anyone other than ALJACOBS.com;  A Warranted Product that has been modified without the written permission of ALJACOBS.com;  Any item concerning the Warranted Product’s appearance that is not due to a defect in material or workmanship.
  • We specifically disclaim any and all implied warranties, including, without limitation, warranties of merchantability, and fitness for a particular purpose.  Over-clocked strobes, strobes used beyond the manufacturers recommendations, excessive overheating or strobe usage, etc. that we have no control over.
  • Our products operate within normal ranges of acceptability in the Photographic Industry and are not intended to be used in extreme or excessive conditions set forth by a product or device by a another manufacturer.  No reseller, agent, or employee is authorized to make any modification, extension, or addition to this warranty.
  • In no event shall ALJACOBS.com be liable, whether in contract, tort (including negligence), strict product liability or otherwise, for damages in excess of the purchase price of the warranted product with respect to which such damages are asserted plus any freight charges actually paid attributable to such warranted product.  
  • In any event for any indirect, special, incidental, punitive or consequential damages of any kind, including loss of profits, loss of use, interruption of business, or any costs of recovery performance of its obligations hereunder, to the full extent these damages may be disclaimed by law.  This limited warranty gives you specific legal rights and you may also have other rights that vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction.


If you have a problem with one of the Warranted Products, SHIP THE PRODUCTS DIRECTLY TO ALJACOBS.com.   Please contact me at 727 – 812-8101 and let me know you are sending the product back for repair.  You will be given priority service.  Dated proof of purchase and if you are the second owner, whom it was purchased from, as well as an explanation of the problem, must accompany the Warranted Product. You are responsible for any shipping costs, import/export duties, taxes and other such fees. 

If AL JACOBS.com determines that some of the necessary repairs are not covered under this Limited Warranty, you may request an estimate and the opportunity to confirm whether you agree to pay for these repairs. If you decline, obligations for that machine or product under this Limited Warranty end.