Thank You For - Your Business FAQ

I want you to be happy with my product. And I want you to share that happiness with others. Years ago I adapted the policy of no advertising, spend it on the customers who might need it and let the good word abound, and it will be fruitful.  It works, not exactly Wal-Mart statistics, and some days I think being fruitful meant better tomatoes at the supermarket…but I am here to help you.  

Don’t be shy, call me if you have a problem. Ninety-nine out of one hundred calls I can fix or diagnose over the phone.  My products are covered with a limited warranty for period of one year from date of purchase.   During that time if you have a problem caused by a part failure, we will replace, repair all parts and labor, including chargers, plugs batteries and our cables.  Period. No questions asked. 

Father Time, Mother Nature, and her lover Sir Murphy-Lawes sometimes create simple trials like lightning strikes, tornadoes or a flood, surges and brownouts.  You cannot predict wear and tear on electrical digital products and batteries because the power sources, your electrical supply really have variable standards and are so different regionally and even things vary door to door.  The weather this winter and summer have been brutal and spikes are killers.  

Obviously with a charger plugged in all the time there is the chance a charger got killed by a spike as during a storm or during a brownout or the eight million lights on your house during Christmas fried the whole block.  Also areas with brownouts and fringe grids wear out the chargers quicker.  Thats why we use good ones unlike cheap wall-warts.

Don’t Blame God

Not all of the electrical stuff blows because of God.  Man does a fair job of blowing stuff up all by himself and thats why we cover electrical against defects, it is not covered by winding up in the dishwasher, swimming pool, spa or the Atlantic Ocean.   One did, but worked till the salt got it all.  The light burnt for a good half hour in sixty feet of salt water before it went out.  So I developed a LED setup with my batteries for markers... 

We use pretty robust heavy-duty units but nothing is infallible. We do carry replacement chargers in stock, and also available from Mouser.  Do not modify, change, alter anything without consulting me first.  

Remember one of the things we work on is simplicity and field repairability. Checkups are free, no charge except for return postage which is 14.00, that 13.60 for the government and .40 cents for gas to the post office.

I will gladly look at your unit for which there is no charge except return postage and parts. Now lets say you really screwed it up.  We will inspect it and will call and advise you of what we found. Something simple, it is fixed for free and returned.

If your pack comes in for the free checkup, it is over three years old and has been subjected to extreme conditions  a possible battery replacement is suggested because of the cost of postage on another occasion is more than the battery, might as well do it while it’s here.  

Older than three years and we go into upgrade mode.  A bad wire, weak, solder joint, anything correctable that is an anomaly, we take care of and we do not charge you. Even the best of solder joints ages and I can easily redo them.  

Any neglect or abuse is on your dime. That means dropped boxes, tire imprints, shark bites usually indicated by the dent on the bottom, or the edge can be fixed as I can weld plastics.

Warranty Service - Simple Just Call Me 

If you have a problem with one of my products,  return it  via the recommended method of USPS.  Please contact me at 727 – 812-8101 and let me know you are sending the product back for repair.  You will be given priority service.  Dated proof of purchase and if you are the second owner, whom it was purchased from, as well as an explanation of the problem, must accompany the Warranted Product. You are responsible for any shipping costs, import/export duties, taxes and other such fees. 

If AL JACOBS.com determines that some of the necessary repairs are not covered under this Limited Warranty, you may request an estimate and the opportunity to confirm whether you agree to pay for these repairs. If you decline, obligations for that machine or product under this Limited Warranty end.   This has never happened but I have to put it in anyway.