I did not like what I saw. Too complicated, and not enough flexibility. I wanted simple, intelligent, and break proof. There were many out there but not what I saw.  Plastic and twisted aluminum. 

Double brackets are not new. The original credit I would give is to Robert Newton of the Newton Bracket fame many years ago.  It basically posed two Vivitar's on the same flash bracket a little top heavy for portable but today we use a light stand.  At the 2009 PMA this year in the Canon booth there was a semi-working Photographer with a celebrity name using two Canon 580 EXII's on a light stand with a soft box (and you could do the same thing with two Vivitar's and a shoot through umbrella).  He was doing modeling work using three strobes. Two strobe on one stand and a single strobe on the other.


After years of testing, months of field evaluations, many fresh, cold / warm forgotten beers and a couple skinned knuckles, the guru has the perfect double bracket for all the Wedding, Event and STROBIST fans.

They work on any brand of strobe with a shoe foot. The front holes are for the transmitters like the R616, Pocket Wizards, Radio Poppers, and Micro Sync's  Etc or they may be up-fitted with SPAS (Read on)  and made into four light units.

PRICE:   Priced right in the middle of the road.  $50.00 which includes shipping US and includes custom thumbscrews and rubber anti-slips. With postage via Priority Mail direct to you. 

As shown it comes complete with screws and adapters. Umbrella holder and the SPAS or cold shoe flash holders are extra from ABC…

Just add your umbrella holder, SPAS and the flash or LED components. One strobe and a small monitor head, two strobes, one strobe with a LED video screen, or two video LED'S. One lollypop dispenser, a hair dryer, what ever floats your boat. Screws and bolts, rubber anti-twist, and a stanchion  come with the basic kit.  The metals are chrome or stainless with knurled plastic ends. 
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