THE TUXEDO - designed for folks with smaller needs, they love the TUXEDO. We ship the 2011 Tuxedos on a regular basis now and combined with the larger Black Box, they make a nice two-some.  

Back up, short jobs and crash scenes, candids or backup for PJ weddings where you can't stretch the light that far.

THE  TUXEDO shares the same voltage, cables and applications, with 3/8 of the power of the Black Box.

NOTE: It is designed as a back-up for the Black Box or occasional use for smaller jobs as a remote flash triggered with the mains;  And as a power pack for the smaller four battery powered hybrid digitals. It serves well  for the smaller more petite shooters.  Slips in a pocket, or clips on a belt. It's thin profile allows it even in the back pocket of Celeste's  jeans...

FOR 2011

•  New! Off-On power Switch!
•  Euro world Wide Charger!
Single HD DIN is standard, no more RCA Jacks.
Heavier Duty RoHS Wiring is now Standard
All Hand Soldered, no Connectors, no Joints.
•  T
ougher Construction
•  More Shockproof
•  More Bar Proof.
Ultra Clip Standard
•  New lightstand adapter available with purchase for $6.00.
Available in white only. Other colors possible, see note.

•  The Tuxedo uses 1.4 amp hour sealed Lead Acid battery

•  Tips the scales at 19.5 oz,  


Size: 6" L x 3" W x 1" D 

NEW!  Upgrade Available for all previous Tuxedo Owners. 
We will do the following; to your older Tuxedo. We will remove the RCA jack, put in an on-off switch, and upgrade your flash cable for the heavier DIN.  We will be installing a silent switch and the-CLIP removing the older inch worm hook. In addition the wiring and RoHS specs will become upgraded to the new standards. About 35.00 plus 5.00 shipping. Slight additional charge if new battery needed at time of conversion.
The 2011 is a substantial upgrade as long as your old one is not destroyed. 

NOTE - The TUXEDO is now supplied with the new Euro charger.  Accordingly this raised the base price of the deluxe  to 142.50 and shipping to 17.50.  Total 160.00 USA.




••• Carefully with electrical tape or the blue stuff, using an Exacto Knife or razor blade for trimming, cover the ports, switch and clip. Hint: Electrical tape, the shiny black stuff makes a real sharp edge if you apply it right.•••

You can paint it with the new KRYLON Spray Plastic Paint called Fusion in any color you find on the shelves at Home Depot.  Use KRYLON FUSION made for plastic, not enamel. Enamel can eat some plastics. I found it at Home Depot. I used Satin Black 2421 for mine.

•  Hunters can do camouflage finishes for their tree stand and spotting cameras.
•  Hippies can do the psychedelic colors and shimmering metallics.
•  Communists will be ravishing in Bright Red
•  Multiple personality type can paint both sides different to reflect moods.
•  Yin and Yang enthusiasts can paint one side black only, leave the other white.
•  Patriots can do Red, White and Blue.
•  Rescue workers can use Orange.
NOTE:  It comes in 25 colors and needs no primer or sanding. dries to the touch in 15 minutes and one hour for curing. Fantastic product.
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