Back in the medieval days of photography, I got my start in the Wedding business. That was before before I did event photography. Then I got the bug, I always liked hunting, that aspect describes the event / paparazzi's / social photographer's role in photography.  They are hunters, not the gatherer's.

Many shoot weddings because a wedding is most of the time a staged pre-planned exhibition of social behavior. Most of the time according to schedule with the occassional crisis management needed.

The EPS shooter has instinct, almost that of a hunter. Even at a closed event like the Oscars you are still on the hunt for the perfect shot or expression or situation. 

Thats what Erik Kabik does. he knows the game and his pictures show it...

It was one of those I needed it yesterday calls, a late scare, B&H didn't get something out on time and FEDEX, saved the day. We made the connections and...

He wrote me. "Got both boxes  in time" and shot The Vanity Fair Oscar Party on Sunday night.  I shot almost 4000 frames between the two stop for 7 hours...did not miss one shot! 1/8 power all the way. I switched boxes halfway but the first had not even run out yet!  AMAZING boxes!!!!!  I am blown away and will NEVER use that Qxxxxxx pack again. 

Here are galleries with some shots from the party:

Also check out his entire website.......

Jun 20, 2010, 12:50 PM