Sooner or later we had to get around to the mechanics of the Wedding/Event operation, the tools. I am an unabashed critic and simply state what works and what doesn't. I have no party affiliation, I vote for the person, not the party. I look at the quality of the product and not who endorsed it.  He or she got paid to say things, just like our politicians, and celebrity chefs.  

Here is where we gear up on things that we have used, tested and worked to death and have shone themselves to be consistently good and delivering what they have promised.

I find a lot of expounded brilliance in print,  nothing more than an old idea rehashed. Some products actually did harm at the event resulting in hours of repairs and corrections in Photoshop. 

Whats the use of advertising your fees by the hour if you have to spend more hours fixing the junk you just took. These are articles pertaining to equipment and the stuff we do recommend is always on a price versus quality. If both items are equal in quality, the lesser cost one gets the nod.  If the item costs more and is justified, it gets the nod.


My favorite peeve, I love it when I see on the packaging or hear this is the PRO-VERSION!  So what? Everything today in the camera store is labeled the PRO-VERSION. Funny none of the stuff is labeled the "amateur version". So if all of the stuff is PRO, why bother labeling it?  Merchandising dictates, we needed another word for amateur or for the beginner, level camera so as not to offend.  The term "entry level" was born.

New models now come out every six months.  As far as better deals on cameras, here are some clues. Only the rich, gadget fanatically hungry, cult followers pre-order new models. They strive for first on the block and it's all about bragging rights.  

They might just have the last edition, only slightly used at a good price for sale.  Many are credit hungry, broke from their last brain-fart, and count on the sale of the older model to supplement the cost of the new one.  Wait six months and the price comes down, later models have less problems and installed upgrades.


There are deals galore and crooks galore. For every responsible well run E-Commerce enterprise there is another group who are bait and switch thieves. For safety's sake we recommend your local dealer and if you do go on-line go to the ABC of internet camera companies:  These companies are the camera store of today, shopping is easier on line, you get what you want, fast and no tax in some cases.

ADORAMA, B & H in NYC and CALUMET are who I recommend . All are rated highly and have been in business for decades. These are the GOOD guys. You should have no problems, dealing with them. I have written enough about the bait and switch, bumper stores, grey and grayer markets, spell it anyway you want. 

"Caveat emptor" is Latin for "Let the buyer beware"  My Brooklyn translation is "Cavity Empty". The place in the wallet where the money used to be. I prefer the old adage "if it seems too good to be true it usually is". 

I am usually cautious about eBay. In the beginning there were slick deals one could come by and I am sure there are some good ones around.  But eBay has also become the open store for sub quality Chinese knockoffs and copies.  

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