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San Francisco Photojournalist Douglas Zimmerman specializes in working for editorial assignments and corporate photography assignments.  Doug's work has been featured in numerous publications including: ESPN the Magazine, the San Francisco Chronicle, the New York Post. New York Times Digital, and the Los Angeles Times Community Newspapers.  

His website is  


With a stop on safari before the start of the World Cup seemed like an excellent idea. Right timing, 

right place.  From his notes: On the 2nd day of the safari the rangers were tracking a group of 5 lions that were entering the Sabi Sands Natural Reserve which is just outside of Kruger National Park.

On the reserve there are two lions, brothers, who are the dominant lions for the region. They had been named by the rangers Mr. T and Kinky Tail and were two bad lions. 

Over the years they had killed 45 different lions who had tried to intrude on their territory and take it over. The fights between the lions is based on survival of the strongest for dominance and for many years the two brothers were the dominant lions of the region.

One of the intruding 5 brothers had gotten separated from the rest of them lions and was being chased around by the two brothers.  Outnumbered two to one, eventually the two brothers went for the hind legs of the lost lion and basically bit and broke both of its legs so it could not walk. After doing that the lions started to yell out their call for supremacy of the area and frighten anyone else away.

The entire story of life and death on the Savannah is on his website. 

DOUGLAS: I never thought I would say this, but thanks to the leadership and guts of Landon Donovan the USA fought back early in the second half and Donovan scored a brilliant goal.

And after Michael Bradley scored a second goal to equalize the match, it looked like when Maurice Edu headed home the third goal the USA was coming back in one of the most improbable comebacks ever in World Cup history. 

But a phantom foul call by Mali referee Koman Coulibaly inexplicably ended the hopes of the amazing come back.  And in the stands there were mixed emotions. Disgust at the play of the team in the first half, euphoria over their amazing comeback, and horror and disbelief of being robbed 2 points by an incompetent referee.

But at the end of the day the USA still holds their destiny in their own hands. If they manage a win against Algeria they advance. No matter what happens. I can't wait for Wednesday!!

Al NOTES; Many of the sports writers and authorities of soccer had commented that referee calls were a bit off during the games and hopefully the poor judges and referee's would never be asked back for future assignments. Some of the wording here in the States was harsher.  

Douglas has a must see site.  These three shots are teasers.  You must take the time to see the images Douglas Zimmerman has captured at the FIFA 2010 and his other projects.  It is a myriad of color, diversification, the moment and the expression.  His work exemplifies the goal of every photographer, simple enough to understand and very hard to achieve. "That a picture is worth 1000 words".   Thats what it's all, about, thats what he's all about.