I had an interesting experience this last Sat. early a.m. that I want to share with you.  I was doing a car shoot at sunrise in front of a muffler shop (Car was a '32 Ford Coupe, Six Pack)

I had lit that bad boy with two strobes on the right to fill in the shadow from the rising sun.  As well, I put speed-lights in the cab, against the brown wall for separation, and another on the frame to backlight the engine chrome. Each was powered with its own Black Box.

 I had been up most of the night making sure all my gear was ready, setting up soft boxes on the roof, etc. and was up, as well, most of the previous night worrying about this shoot.  We finish up and start breaking down to get off the street as it is starting to get seriously busy.

In my tiredness, I  forgot completely about that speed-light on the frame.  Client takes off in the Deuce down the street to turn around and we all hear what sounds like a muffler dragging on the ground.   

Seems that the Black Box fell off the frame and was scraping on the ground!  The Box stud got cheese-grated as did the bottom edge of the Black Box. The speed-light remained on the car frame throughout.

When he came back, I tried out the gear and everything still worked!  I don't know the best way to handle this.  Should I send the entire box to you? Replace the case myself?  Put a stud on the other side (it looks glue welded and riveted quite strongly.

Your stuff rocks!

David Evans
Beech Street Photography


10-18-2012   Pack repaired, new tab installed and sent back, N/C