A photographer since I was 15, I am known for being fast, efficient, and easy to work with. I enjoy producing portraits reflecting people at their best. I have photographed families, brides, celebrities, and people like you across the country. I started in Owensboro, Kentucky as a portrait and newspaper photographer in 1959 while still in high school. After three years in the army, I did portraits and photographs for publication in Paducah, Kentucky until 1967 when I went to Houston, Texas to photograph for the Paul Linwood Gittings Studio. There I photographed families, weddings, governors, astronauts, and corporate executives all across the southwest. In 1970, after Paul Gittings Sr. retired, I started my own studio in Kentucky in addition to photographing in the Northeast for the Moffit Studio of Chicago. After a few years and many request I moved to San Antonio, Texas. I continue to photograph in Kentucky, Tennessee, the Southwest and even an occasional trip to the Northeast.

Since the beginning, I have been a photographer specializing in portraits and weddings, but that’s not all I do. Through my exclusive portrait clientele I have photographed music concerts, model portfolios, business meetings, and conventions. I have created photographs for annual reports, album covers, books and magazines. I have photographed vintage and new guitars for Gibson, Martin, and Gruhn Guitars. Food shots for restaurants, home interiors and exteriors for builders and decorators, the list goes on and on.