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Photographer:  ARAM MIRZADEH  Location: NY Area

Hi Al,
Just wanted to send you a quick thank you.   I got the shots I needed using your battery pack and it worked out great. Attached are two of the images: 


Absolutely bright sunny day -- competing with the Sun, the setup was:
1 - Canon 1D Mark IV w/EF 300mm f/2.8 
2 - Canon 580EX II attached via Clamps to the tripod  @ 1/16th power  (combined to f/7.1)
1 - PocketWizard MiniTT1 on camera 
2 - PocketWizard II on each flash 
1 - Al Jacobs Battery 
1 - Manforotto 055XPROB
1/320th, f/9, ISO 200 
With this setup, I was able to shoot 5 fps in burst mode. I did around 400 shots, and even though I had my second battery as a backup, the first battery never gave me any trouble at all and never missed a exposure.