With the advent  and the swing of Photographers to grasp video on their DSLR's, a more stable light source was needed since flash was not the answer.

We discovered with the smaller 6 volt LED Video lights on the market mostly SunPak and clones that some were compatible with the BLACK BOX  you might already own.

The first one we did a conversion on was the Bescor . Identical to the SunPak I decided to direct wire it, a simple and fast procedure.  No barrel connectors, known for pulling out or failing, no multiple power sources, which removed three solder joints of notoriously thin Chinese wire and no parts to fall off or disconnect.

While I had it apart, I wanted it further bulletproofed. The cable, a Quantum MA2 was sacrificed for the cause, direct to the DIN plug on the Black Box.  Again, a process where I eliminate the variables.  Why? Simple, less things to go wrong.  It was an older cable, but like new, just for an outdated flash, I had several in the bin and the conversion took eight minutes. Viola!, all day shooting, didn't budge the BLACK BOX.

 The entire purpose of this exercise was to make the Black Box operate with my SONY A77 in both Still and Video mode on one setup, little movement and to capture both if needed with a super fast conversion. 

A fluid head tripod, for video.  I found a Rapelli, nice Italian sounding name like Manfrotto.  It’s not, it must be "Chinese for Noodle Lover" at Amazon.  When I build something for the first time I go very inexpensive.  But I needed a fluid head tripod for the experiment as most videographers will tell you. I have Manfrotto's galore but this was too inexpensive to pass on.  I think it was 119.00 dollars. 

And it will be slightly modified (welding, dynamite, Sempex, C4, sledgehammers and hacksaws)  as you well know I just can't leave things alone.  To my surprise and 85 others who rated it a 4.5 out of five, I was amazed at the price of  119.00 US, no freight, no tax. 

Actually a bargain, I know its Chinese, but for what I need to do…perfect.  The other option is a Manfrotto 701DV but this puppy is going to be punched around a lot, used near a marsh for triathlons and I felt cheap enough, no sweat if it got destroyed.

It has professional 3-Segment interlocking crutch type legs, and supports Video Cameras/SLRs up to 27lbs.  It has dual handles with fluid movement for both Pan and Tilt axis's like on the Sanford Davis, a universal 75 mm mounting bowl and a max.operating height: of  54.5" which is good since I'm tall.

The light and Flash Componentry get put together. I used my Black Box which will supply the power to a Bescor 70LED (actually 96, 5 mm LEDS) and for testing, several SunPaks I have.

They will be mounted on one of my perfection brackets and both will be powered by the Black Box simultaneously because it has the power and twin DIN plugs.

I am awaiting a few small bracket parts as the rig will be attached to the forward section of the fluid head base plate and that makes the entire rig off my back and shoulders.  Carry a camera bag for forty-five years everyday and you have a permanent 5% down bubble on the left shoulder and a close association with Dr. Arthor Itus.

Once the rig is assembled I can shoot video, pause, catch a still if needed, and resume video.  More coming, so far a very easy build with the Perfection Bracket, the Black Box and Cables.