SUNPAK UPDATED   5-24-2014

LEGACY UNITS  SunPak  422D - 433D
They perform well on the Black Box - No Problems with the 422D-433D series either on a stand or on the camera when used manual mode with "Auto Thyristor Assist" if used on digital bodies.  

Their Low synch rates on voltage makes them safe and a much better performer than their failure prone 383 which was short-lived. Cables readily available. These work great and easily converted for slaves. 

-  Use the MG2 Cable.  SunPak's have a unique setup for their AC use and actually use five volts in the MG2 module by way of a medium size resistor not found on most of the other cables. Developed by one of the oldest flash importers, the SunPaks date back to 1963 when they were established in Saitama, Japan.  They were really the analog generation.

SunPak 120J - End of their cycle too
-  The 120J is another fairly good performer, designed, styled after or copied from the Quantum "T" series. Quantum's prices scared people so SunPak took the 400 series, stepped it to bare bulb and added a domed hood.  They are fine on stands and brackets and produce a specular light. The diffuser or modern frosted coffee can lid style is the way to go since it's not bigger than the reflector.  Still usable till they fade out.


-  Another great legacy performer that did well on the Black Box and I pushed this unit because of its power and reliability.  Problem was, it's bigger than most cameras.  Unfortunately they made the obituary list and no longer sold. There are a few for sale going around and even some bases, the huge handle part can be found but no heads, so don't get trapped buying one without a working head. 

SunPak 522-544-555
-  In addition to the Metz line of handle mounts, very few SunPak 522-544-555's came in, actually three the whole year.  The 522 is VERY HIGH VOLTAGE on synch so since they use the same components as the Metz 45, there isn't enough market for me to keep fresh product on hand.  When you have to buy 1000's of  dollars worth of chargers and batteries to support three a year, you drop it. I did! 

SunPak 383  WARNING and AVOID The worst small strobe on the market

-  This is a  RED TAG.  SunPak Strobes, specifically the series 383 are marked "Heavy Duty" use.  Just not true, in the past these units have exhibited two problems. They will overheat, and they will short. Period, end of sentence and I don't care what the guy tells you on eBay or Strobist.  I used to fix these critters.  Cheap crap.  I have seen many of them do this.  Use them very cautiously, let them stay cool, and don't push them to excess.  Let them cool after ten shots or so for a minute, or ignore them altogether.