About once a week I get asked do I support the Quantum Flash series like the T2, T4, T4D, T5D's and Trios.  And the second question is, do I rebuild the Turbo 2+2 packs. The answer is NO and NO. Then I get asked, why?

Simple...my battery packs will not work on them, thats reason enough. They made their products totally reliant to function on their own ancillary products through the use of specialized cables, lots and lots of electronic components, secret assemblies, no schematics, whiz bang technology, blinking lights and turn signals and very few outside repair facilities.

They, like the famous cine batteries by Anton Bauer and Norman keep a close hand on things. When you have the same thing out there for twenty to thirty years, the repair profits can be enormous.

To power these units you'll need to get a Quantum Turbo, about $600 to 679.00 new and about the same used if you get a bad used one you thought you stole on eBay that needs repairs.  Thats the hidden costs of those things. One will not work without the other and now you have two expensive parts and if pack A gets used up during a wedding, you'll need a spare.  A Trio and two packs is about $2000.


I do not service any Quantum packs. At one time I did. I used to re-battery them, tweaked the comparators and returned them to service. There are just too many that are getting too old, too many versions, different boards, and some are beyond hope and really need the garbage can.  

Send them to Quantum and expect about one to two hundred dollars for batteries and a new board if it needs one. With new batteries they will calibrate the pack.  Part of life, expect service bills. The NiMH fail on the Quantum's from lack of usage and then long recharges, as the battery heat given off when charging and dis-charging will cook the electronics.   Note: They do not support the T2 units sometimes found on eBay. Beware they will charge as high as 425.00 to upgrade them.

Cooking, that's the brown stuff you see around the boards when they get old. Looks like melted shellac.  Shows up on all their cables too. It's waterproofing and sealing the copper tracks on the mother boards.   


Those black and silver cases are DCB's, "the fastest battery pack in the world" and at one time, the shortest lived pack in the world when they blew the guts out of a bunch of just released brand new Canon 580s and when the smoke cleared, that was the end of the DCB company and their product and a bunch of working Canons.  About half the sports shooters got blown away.

This batch came to me when no one else wanted to tackle them. They were so hard to take apart we used a drill press and wood blocks to get the old swelled packs out of the cases. After we got them apart, we declared it a no-brainer. Too many contact areas with different metals and thats a corrosion problem down the road and thats not good. The scenario: Swelled Ni-MH, aluminum, copper , steel, mixed together and crammed into a heat induced place with electronics.  A recipe for disaster.

They are dodo birds, no one works on them and they are out of business. I get calls all the time because the company was located fifteen miles from me. I had nothing to do with them.  You can see how they swelled in the top unit in the picture. They wound up on the aluminum pile, with the  only salvageable parts were the micro switches and  screws.  Save the postage, trash them.


In the past many eBay entrepreneurs have tried to make money simply replacing the SLA batteries in standard Turbos, they took the simple but well made German Sonnenschein 8V-2.8, which are hard to find good stock on, very expensive and replaced them with PowerSonic and other Chinese knockoffs.  

But these tire changers, had little working knowledge, nor access to the schematics of the boards and comparators. Thats why you see many on eBay.  Just a battery does not fix all ills in those babies. They need to be calibrated.  The electronics and guts have been exposed to heat from charging and discharging.

The newer Turbo 2+2's etc, went to newer Ni-MH which are a whole new ball game using again batteries that are available but not that common and dangerous to work with as they can unload in one quick short. 

Their real problem is Ni-MH diminish slowly, and it is not apparent. Also they discharge just sitting around.

Just got too many calls and sad stories and unfortunately, I can't help you.  Avoid those that look "used" on eBay from a Pawn Shop Operation.  They probably got twenty to thirty dollars in them, and thats the tops a pawn shop will pay for one. And they sell it as is.