The BLACK BOX has one of the longest runs in flash history. The Black Box Battery Pack has been around in various incantations and upgrades for the past sixteen plus years as complete units and about forty years in kits and do it yourself projects on a lower scale that I devised in my earlier life. 

The TUXEDO is a smaller version made for the smaller jobs and events and shooters who need to save on weight or size.  Some of my original packs date back to the sixties with different "chemistries" which is battery terminology for different types of chemicals in batteries. 

I started in the photo industry repairing strobes, with the nine pound Graflex called the bowling ball and it was followed by the finicky Ni-Cads in the Honeywell Stobonars, the German Braun units which almost got me killed, then the Metz and finally the cobra head strobes that followed like the Vivitars, (the cockroach strobe) the 283-285 series that are still popular today. It was smaller lighter and went on a novel gadget called the Hotshoe. My pack building came about because I had another popular brand drop dead in the middle of a Wedding. I was using a Metz with a Quantum to blazes, actually, not literally.  It went dead. After that lesson, I was off and running and making my own.  I wanted simple, reliable and cheap. Unless you are an elitist, you want the same. 


I built my own using the science principles taught me working on strobe repair and later on the common sense philosophy of the Special Operations Command or SOCOM, who I have an affiliation with. They believe also in simple, affordable, reliable, portable, field repairable products with lots of firepower.  I avoid cheap parts, I have the strongest warrantee in the business, the best price and service, it behooves me to put quality stuff in. I hate comebacks. And folks on the web will tell you that.  

You deal direct, we have no distributors, no large chains of retail stores. No sales teams, rallies, parties, or "win a trip" for sales excellence, no corporate meetings, no stocks, no options, no employees, no headaches. When you call here you talk to me.  I have no advertising budget, my sales come from word of mouth and so does my reputation. You are dealing with a fellow photographer who kind of learned from shooting what works and what's really ridiculous and not afraid to tell you.


We have pros in the field who have captured 1500 plus images doing variable flash fill for outdoors sports and serve well with remote Canon and Nikon strobes where you want your recycle times as fast as the mains and for the popular three light portable setups. In fact one of our shooters just did 4000 shots at the Oscars, another 14,000 at a marathon, a big one.  

We now ship worldwide. Most important of all our products are all made from RoHS certified parts and acceptable for overseas shipping and use, and our prices are better!  Lots better. Our chargers (standard) for shipments to the U.K., Euro countries, Australia, New Zealand and other worldly locations are compatible.


Again I build for and have been accepted by:

•  Wedding Photographers.
•  Paparazzi
•  Forensic labs,  
•  Fire Departments, First responders.
•  Photo-Journalists
•  Event, Sports shooters on all levels of play.
•  Model, Fashion, Any color carpets world wide.
•  Serious amateurs looking to step up, not step out.
•  Birder's, and nature shooters using remote setups.
•  Motion sensor triggers and IR devices 
•  Night Bicycle Riders



We use one really big reliable quality brand heavy duty battery.  Thats why we are doing business with forensic labs though most of the objects they shoot are inert or well into rigor-mortis but in forensics they can be on scene for a long time.  The victim is rarely complaining you took too long.  It's an eternal thing.

Forensic staff are on-site sometimes for half a day. Since we do not use any type of acceleration or secondary capacitors which must be fed, the box is not eating it's own fuel nor reactive voltages. Long on-scene times are handled easily by the Black Box and less chance of sparking.  Have purchasing call me.


The BLACK BOX is 100% all hand built, soldered and sealed using RoHS Certified appliance grade fire proof wiring, 2000 lb. stressed rivets with backing plates and a super tough case made in DENMARK. 

We tested the Chinese equivalents and decided they were inferior though the pricing was attractive.  When you put your name on the box, you care about these things. 

As with many cheap imports, the cases cracked, the rivets failed and the wire supplier failed miserably. Only ten units went out that way, they were called back, replaced and filed in the local landfill, so much for Chinese quality and NAFTA.

We use a better brand of power both in quality and reserve power. A sealed Lead Acid. 21 FULL WATTS, fireproof battery designed for Medical use. Our 5.5 AMP HOUR, not milliamps, batteries are pro-rated five years. 

Batteries are covered under the warrantee for one year and pro-rated for five years if kept on the charger as the simple instructions dictate. Again, our batteries, internal wiring and connectors are fireproof. 

WEIGHT - Box and battery about 2.5 LBS.

DIMENSIONS - 3 3/4" x 6" x 2" STANDARD - Custom cut on a CnC machine for a perfect fit. This assures when a component needs change the new part fits just as well. We only replaced one box when a HimVee, thats a HumVee while the genius of the household, ran over it. The covers are field replaceable.  

PORTS - We use Twin DIN type Heavy Duty Chromed Ports - They are standard, and they come with the Red POLY Caps as shown for the DIN plugs when traveling on the airlines. These DIN plugs are very heavy  duty, only Taiwan or Japan, not knockoffs from China, which are far cheaper and of dubious quality.  They failed too. We use the best available. We have yet to have one fail.  The red caps are protection for the pins when not being used and even though our batteries (Sealed Lead Acid) meets all airline requirements for travel, we still furnish these caps to expedite your camera through the TSA bag search. Not applicable for cavity searches, you are on your own.

FITTINGS - Shoulder Strap Rings with Standard Dual  Zytel 3/16 "D "rings with HD 3/16" Clamps and Heavy Duty Steel 1/8 rivets with backing plates front and rear. No one else does this. They used stamp rivets which are cheaper and not as strong. We have never had any fail save one when we used a Chinese Rivet in the initial runs. We replaced those.

CLIP.COM - The industry recognized finest Heavy Duty Ultra Clip or the 764 by THE CLIP.COM Brand. Better than anything else on the market, these are designed, engineered and far superior to those cheap metal spring clips you see on the 600.00 dollars battery packs. And they just offered them, we have been using them for six years.  

THE CLIP locks in place and rotates so it will not fall off your belt. Even when you sit down and get up. No spring clip to loosen and throw the pack on the floor. 

CHARGER - Heavy Duty INTERNATIONAL Dual Stage charger allows maximum five hour charge and second stage in standby mode keeps battery at 100% capacity at 100% of the time.  110-240 50-60 MGRTZ.  

CABLES - You can use most "M" Quantum cables: You can make all of your cables but I caution against it.  Please see the page entitled Flash Cables. There are also expanded sections on Nikon and CANON cables as these are the best sellers.

UPGRADEABLE -  Available on all older Black boxes regardless of the year. We'll take it completely apart, wash it in our ultrasonic high-tech cleaning facility (dishwasher) rebuild it with the 2011 schematic. New wiring, upgrade the ports, replace any worn parts, test the battery, upgrade it, (if needed, for a slight additional cost) and that includes reseating the clips and riveted hangers, test the charger, clean and polish the case, and basically make it as good as new.  Call for pricing and time frame, usually one day turnaround.



√  It is intended for folks with smaller power needs, they love the TUXEDO. We ship the 2011 Tuxedos on a regular basis now and combined with the larger Black Box, they make a nice two-some.  

 √  It was designed as a back-up for the Black Box or occasional use for smaller jobs as a remote flash triggered with the mains;  

√   And as a power pack for the smaller four battery powered hybrid digitals. It serves well  for the smaller more petite shooters.  Slips in a pocket, or clips on a belt. It's thin profile allows it even in the back pocket of Celeste's  jeans…

√   It's a back up, short jobs and crash scenes, candids or backup for PJ weddings where you can't stretch the light that far.

√  THE  TUXEDO shares the same voltage, cables and applications, limited by size, with 3/8 of the power of the Black Box.

•  New! Off-On power Switch!
•  Euro world Wide Charger!

•  Single HD DIN is standard, no more RCA Jacks.
•  Heavier Duty RoHS Wiring is now Standard
•  All Hand Soldered
•  Tougher Construction
•  More Shockproof
•  More Bar Proof.
•  Ultra Clip Standard
•  New lightstand adapter available with purchase for $6.00.
•  Available in white only. 
•  The Tuxedo uses 1.4 amp hour sealed Lead Acid battery
•  Tips the scales at 19.5 oz,  

Size: 6" L x 3" W x 1" D

NEW!  Upgrade Available for all previous Tuxedo Owners.
The 2011 is a substantial upgrade as long as your old one is not destroyed.  We will do the following; to your older Tuxedo. We will remove the RCA jack, put in an on-off switch, and upgrade your flash cable for the heavier DIN.  We will be installing a silent switch and the Ultra CLIP removing the older inch worm hook which will be remounted to the bottom which can be used to hang on a light stand if desired.

In addition the wiring and RoHS specs will become upgraded to the new standards. About 35.00 plus 5.00 shipping. Slight additional charge if new battery needed at time of conversion, add 14.00.

NOTE - The TUXEDO is now supplied with the new Euro charger.  Accordingly this raised the base price of the deluxe  to 142.50 and shipping to 17.50.  Total 160.00 USA.

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