Do not under any circumstance store batteries in the fridge. This is an old wives tail involving ALKALINE cells and the old EverReady 497 which almost killed me.  Newer rechargeables are steel, not stainless and will rust.

Good AA cell chargers are not the fastest chargers. They are battery killers. You get fast charges and faster replacements.  In the case of RAY-O-DEATH they started fires and were taken off the market.  

Don't mix Ni-MH or Ni Cad rechargeable cells that are not from the: Same brand, same batch, same size or capacity. Mixing cells of different capacities can cause permanent damage to the weakest one in the set making the whole set inoperative.  A string of batteries is as powerful as it's weakest link.  

Do not take new or used rechargeables under stress like at a Wedding and put them in your pants pocket loose with coins or keys. The phrase pants on fire will take on new meaning and you might become a fan of Jerry Lee Lewis who wrote the song, "Great Balls of Fire". 

Buy batteries from reputable sources and only use batteries approved for your device, avoid counterfeits! A counterfeit battery is more likely to cause a fire in your equipment costing you more in the long run, and compromising safety.  Look for the mark of an independent testing or standards organization, such as Underwriters Laboratories (UL) or International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC).  

Do not carry recalled or damaged batteries on aircraft. Check battery recall information at the manufacturer's website, or at the Consumer Product Safety Commission. Only charge batteries which you are sure are rechargeable! Non-rechargeable batteries are not designed for recharging, and become hazardous if placed in a battery charger.  A non-rechargeable battery placed in a charger may overheat or cause damage later.  Only use a charger compatible with your rechargeable battery, don’t mix and match!

Watch so-called faster chargers, speed kills, it destroys the lifespan of Ni- Cad, Ni-MH. And so are dangerous , too dangerous to be left alone.  

Do not use Ni-ZN, Nickel Zinc, ask Nissin strobes what it did to some of their units. Way too hot, Ok for toys, not for expensive camera gear.

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