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Welcome to the home of the Black Box, the Heavy Duty power pack for extended range and heavy shooters in the Wedding, Event, Sports, Forensic, and Commercial shooters.  I’m a shooter myself, over 400+ Weddings, hundreds of corporate and charity events.  I am from Brooklyn NY, and I write in a typical street language way, with seven websites ranging from Weddings to Food as a critic and story teller. 

I have been in the business over fifty years, as a shooter, lab and retail store owner.  Every day building, challenges and inventing keeps the mind going, prevents depression, the arthritic joints moving and the phone ringing, I’ll never retire, retirement is a first step to leaving this world.  When the brain stops, the train stops.


We are reorganizing the website, 
I apologize, sharing information sometimes means long reads, and some are having a problem with navigation.  We have to do this more frequently as the market and products are changing quite rapidly. For those who are not sure about something, please,  I welcome your call.  I realize in the electronic age, people hate to read.  Short of a navigation kit with coloring books and crayons for the sharing impaired, the phone is a better option.  
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Informational if you get lost or call me. 727-812-8101

The GadgetMeister, is a nickname given to me by one of the greats in the industry over forty years ago because I drove him crazy with ideas some good, some disasters.  Since the beginning I personally make every product by hand.  I am also a teacher, there are products, ideas, challenges, and training on this site with the brainstorming coming from a selection of successful photographers who use many of my products and we share their thoughts and ideas here for free, no clubs to join, no registration, no emails, no dues and no pestering. 

To make money, t
he key to success in this business if you take it seriously is learn and have fun. Three words:  Simplicity, Redundancy, and Preparation.  If you have to reach for the manual when the bride is having a meltdown, go back to flipping burgers.

Four plus decades ago another brand of pack failed during a Wedding
, I decided to make my own with simpler designs since most pros only utilize maybe 5-10% of the menu. Those that know light and how flash works could care less about flashes with more modes than light was created for, and battery packs with more bells, horns and whistles than a LeGrange fire engine.

Maybe to a noobie, all of these features and benefits really help the light impaired with confidence till they miss the big one, chimping, distracted, and the kid with the cell phone out performs him.  The pro on the other hand knows light and his flash and makes one simple adjustment with the right answer. A good majority of wedding hitters and event shooters I commune with have one mode called “manual".  It’s a control thing.

My customers could bring home the bacon with a slingshot.  Advanced amateurs, paparazzi, wedding shooters and the sports guys are in the game for renumeration financially or for recognizance, not idolization.   It’s called a making a good living and confident with your artistry.

I don’t spend a lot of time on forums or social media, too much brand adoration, and a lot of time going over the same things. And I don’t subscribe to the rumor mills and useless communication over the latest chip in the Canon or Nikon that will revolutionize some third world country.  Being in the business, an insider, I see what others see only a hundred times over and that chip was in a SONY six months prior.  Nikon and Canon use SONY chips and motherboard components.  Thus maybe leapfrogging one or two features isn’t a reason to dump and entire system for the latest from the other guy.  Thats stupid.

For the products I build and sell, I like it simple, no big sales, no glitzy stuff, no-pop-ups, surveys, sign-ups, no carts, no nothing, except knowledge and ideas to help you survive in the photographic industry.  My goal is to get you thinking, simplify the job and perhaps helping you to make some money. 

If word of the BLACK BOX, or the cure for the fumbling, inadequate, inconsistent use of AA batteries got you here, you are saved. Remember, the shot of the year when the flower girl kissed the ring bearer got caught on fifty cellphones and you missed it when you were changing your AA cells, you are in the right place. 

My Black Box is a long distance high capacity pack designed for the long haul.   The wedding that runs three hours over.   It is designed for the shooter who needs high capacity in time and shot counts.  Weddings, Social Events, Sports, Forensic, Commercial recording, thats my market.

The PRODUCTS AND SERVICES TAB - Explains what I offer in products and services, terms of pricing of battery packs, brackets, cable shortening, and so forth.  This section deals with products I designed and built to be simple and rugged. The Black Box, is a PRO series, and the smaller Tuxedo, are  cost efficient power packs for the most common strobes on the market today, and will also fit many legacy units.  

And they survive a myriad of crashes, bangs, dings, and dents, falls and being driven over by a car and still keep working.  Try that with that thousand dollar rig you bought.  It easily handles a Wedding or sports event, a day in Forensics and other commercial applications. 

FEATURE RICH - My pack is built to work day after day, a capacity almost double most others on the market and charges back within four to five hours and ready to work the next day. Day after Day.   It comes standard with airline caps, belt holder, shoulder tabs and a Euro Charger good anywhere in the world with a simple plug changer.   This gear is different in it’s Chemistry. No blow up short life Lithium rechargeables, no shorter life NiMH AA refills.  Isn't that what you wanted to get away from? Bumbling, fumbling, unpredictable, AA cells.  Just ask Boeing and your cellphone supplier about Lithium. 

For forty plus years and over 400 weddingsI learned a lot from the Brides I shot.  From those with resplendent tears of joy to those whose glowing red pustules where the eyes were must have been, truly the daughters of the underling Mephistopheles.   Many so far gone from reality should of been best shot with a Winchester 338 Mag with Lapua’s.  Nevertheless you are the contractee and they are the boss even though it is the Brides first big day on the job.

Lets hope it’s not your last.   The Wedding Book for Beginners and Pros alike contains sections on business and practice for the new and used Photographer. You learn a lot in half a century.  I am an intersection of knowledge picked up from photographers all over the world. It's amazing and rewarding how freely they offer good advice which I readily share, usually with a touch of humor and sarcasm added.

You say you have no sense of humor, then go read the phone book.  I will tell you what I think and it will be truthful, no manufacture owns me and a few would like me to go away.  It's ingrained for me to slam shams and scams. 

I write columns and blogs on bad food and bad people all those things you talk about at the water cooler you weren't supposed to.  So bad photo gear comes easy to write about and twice a month at the pistol range gives me a certain air of confidence and safety.

The Wedding Guide and Business Plan are updated daily. It is a lot of information. Better to read it, learn about the forces, mental, chemical, and physical effecting this trial of your patience, rather than have to pay a shrink when you have a breakdown.  

THREE PARTS TO THE GUIDE - It explains the people structure and the pitfalls, what to look out for and how to prepare to be smarter than the "Bridezilla's" of today because Weddings haven’t changed, only some bad actors debuting for their roles on “ Bad Girls” or some other “Kardashian Style Reality” show.  

But it’s not all about them, the second section is the most complete series of both mental structuring, and good business sense to succeed in this business for YOU, or any other endeavor for that matter.  Much of it came from field training I had access to, wrote much of it and practiced for a large corporation which is still in business. The number one failure in the Wedding-Event game is you.  Prospecting for new clients probably stopped after you shot your cousins Wedding.  The business is like farming, don't plant seed, don't expect a crop.

The third section of the guide is really pointers on gear and will be expanded significantly. No, I do not waste my time doing a review on the big threes latest model since it really wont do anything spectacular and is nothing more usually than a breadboard or chip change.  I see a lot of dumb trends being pushed missing the whole thing about Weddings, it's not about you, it’s not about what brand you use, it's about the bride. 

A guide for " Do it Yourself " with great inexpensive products you can build yourself that work as well as the commercial overpriced stuff does.  I love dreaming this stuff up. It’s humor for me.  I am a student of simplicity with advanced and doctorate degrees from Ace Hardware, Lowes and Home Depot.

I find overpriced crap on the web all the time and with some findings and common everyday tools you can build inexpensive gizmos to make your life easier.  From box holder to flash gear you might just have what you need sitting in your house, the tricks are "exposed" and many may be just the thing you need in an emergency.  

For most, all you will need are Allen wrenches, actually one 3/16,  a 7/16 box wrench, a pair of pliers, you get the idea.   Don't have any knowledge of these tools, ask your wife, obviously she must be the one who fixes the things around the house.  

Newer technology and  always improving, we went back to the drawing board and while maintaining our standards in Gizmology, we are now able to offer offer the New Heavier Light Stand adapters for Black Boxes and Tuxedos.  Cheap!

Here is my relaxation, just the fun stuff, feedback, incredibly great people I have had the fortune to meet,  and much off the wall sometimes things I see and hear in the industry that I can rant about.  The great folks I have had the privilege of being with and information it won’t hurt you to know something about.
Also breaking news from my reporter at Photokina, our on the job rover.  NIKON Collectors, there is a page on Nikon Rangefinders with bodies, lenses, and accessories for sale.  Almost anything can wind up in this section. Metz Flashes for Canon on sale so on and so forth.

Disclaimers and Safe Browsing
This website and my online free book  “The Guide To Weddings”  has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and we make no claims it will cure any disease, or malady caused by shooting photos’s at Weddings or at worst someone from the wedding shooting you.  No photographers, brides, grooms, horses, sheep or canines were injured during the writing of this book and if you cannot afford an attorney, my nephew will be available at the usual exaggerated attorney fees for malpractice cases so I can get my cut.  We use two, sometimes three ICONS to represent certain circumstance.


 NO SMOKE NO BULLSH*T - You are about to get truth.


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